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User Info: angeldeb82

1 year ago#21
91210user posted...
Hi folks... excuse my late reply. I may add Gun Valkyire and replace it with one of the other entries shortly.

Well, here's hoping that you do.
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User Info: Vyse_skies

1 year ago#22
KeeperBvK posted...
Vyse_skies posted...
Shenmue II really should have been number one and not an honourable mention. Anyway, this list just made me feel sad because of how many great franchises saw their last games here.
House of the Dead
Shenmue (Until 3 is released... if it ever does)
Toejam and Earl

Um, on XBox we had HotD 3, after which came HotD 4, Overkill and soon Scarlet Dawn.
And there is also a new Toejam & Earl (called Back in the Groove) in the works.
And why wouldn't Shenmue 3 come out? The have the money and they have support by Sony.

Never heard of Scarlet Dawn... sounds interesting. The new Toejam hasn't been released yet, so doesn't count. Shenmue 3 is repeatedly being pushed back, so I won't hold my breath waiting.
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User Info: amcdc79

1 year ago#23
Thanks Pako Pako for your thoughts.

Shenmue 3 was supposed to be released last year, according to the updates I receive as a KickStarter backer, maybe next year. Not a happy camper.

Fyi, Shenmue was originally a Saturn game that cost $70 million in 1999, it was the most expensive game ever. Yu Suzuki knows that the Sony gaming division is making a ton of money right now, so he is in no hurry to finish the sequel.

No one wants a "rushed" game, but he is notorious for taking his time. I personally want to be still alive to be able to play the game, Lol.
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