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User Info: KeeperBvK

11 months ago#11
Lost7th posted...
Why do people hate punctuation so much?

Not people. Just this guy. Read any of his lists for an "amusing" reimagining of punctuation and grammar.

Also: Where is Gunvalkyrie on that list?

Otogi, however, is rightfully NOT on that list, since SEGA merely published it in the West. From Software developed it.

User Info: GeOstyle

11 months ago#12
This list is a insult to Sega exclusives. No strikeout? Gun valkyrie

User Info: uncle5555

11 months ago#13
"Here is possibly another reason to remember the demise of the Dreamcast with what Sega delivered for the first Microsoft Xbox."

Might want to learn your history a bit more....It has nothing to do with Sega supporting the Xbox as much as the power play Microsoft made to get early support and exclusivity which Peter Moore (then CEO of SoA) did to get into their good graces, which in turn killed any chances of Shenmue 2 being localized and released in the US on DC because MS wanted the game for themselves in the Xbox.

You are correct stating many of these franchises were created for DC and ported to Xbox.

Or easy to port because they were made on Xbox hardware. Games like Outrun 2 were made for the Sega Chihiro arcade board which uses Xbox architecture. Crazy Taxi 3 & The House of the Dead III were other ones made for that arcade board.

There were a few more games that had ports planned but never came out (Virtua Cop 3)

Source: http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=729

Why post this, because when I read the "facts" I was wondering where you got them from and why so much was omitted/changed.

A quick search here on Gamefaqs would have given you the entire list of Sega published/developed Xbox games. Additionally a little digging would have gotten you the information on the Sega/MS deal from before the Xbox launched and why certain games were pulled from the DC before launching on the Xbox as exclusives (Shenmue, Gun Valkyrie) or ported from the arcade to Xbox.

I know it's "ONLY" a top ten list, but it would be nice to be factually accurate as well.

User Info: Vyse_skies

11 months ago#14
Shenmue II really should have been number one and not an honourable mention. Anyway, this list just made me feel sad because of how many great franchises saw their last games here.

Panzer Dragoon
Jet Set Radio
House of the Dead
Crazy Taxi
Shenmue (Until 3 is released... if it ever does)
Toejam and Earl

Absolutely mental how Sega has so many abandoned gems. I mean, all those series are friggin great. They really have lost their game.
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
11 months ago#15
uncle5555 posted...
I know it's "ONLY" a top ten list, but it would be nice to be factually accurate as well.

Or admitting one's shortcomings. Or warning the readers that this is a personal list.

Here is something I've wanted to do for a while -- a remix of an existing list (because I really don't have the time to research one of my own, or motivation to make up a personal list). Please note I have no hands on experience with the source games, consoles, and can only corroborate with what was written on the original list. And maybe additional help from Wikipedia. I began writing this after reading Vyse's post above.

The Top 10 Video Games Sega Have Developed For The Original Xbox

From the memory of the Dreamcast, Sega continued to deliver memorable titles... but for the original Microsoft Xbox.
After 2001, Sega pulled away from manufacturing their own console and focused their efforts onto purely making games, such as for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox, and the Gamecube. This would keep their franchises alive through the numerous fans they've gathered over the years. And it proved successful.

Some of the games on this list were either originally developed for the Dreamcast or Arcades and then ported, or developed directly for the Xbox itself. Either way, the Xbox was a great platform for Sega to release their games on because the console represented the kind of rebellious attitude Sega used to have back in the 90's. It was also good for the Xbox, having a recognized Japanese developer create excusive games for it (even though the Xbox did not become a big success in that market).

Sega has created several games for the Xbox -- https://www.gamefaqs.com/company/1432-sega?platform=98&year=0®ion=0&devpub=0 -- some with very weird or unknown names, but here are the games I picked:

[[Note, out of consideration, here is the European release list -- https://www.gamefaqs.com/company/1432-sega?platform=98&year=0®ion=3&devpub=0 -- oddly enough Shenmue II is only listed here -- https://www.gamefaqs.com/company/12600-sega-am2?platform=98&year=0®ion=0&devpub=0]]


The first Headhunter was released on the Dreamcast in 2001 by Amaze before being ported onto the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Praised for its mix of action and stealth gameplay and its open-world mid-levels, comparisons were drawn to Metal Gear Soild. This game, a direct sequel to the first, was released in 2004 and would be the second and last game Amuze would make before they closed their studios in 2005.

Headhunter Redemption follows Jack, from the first game, along with new character Leeza X, entering the world of 2004 -- popularized by spy-conspiracies and political-intrigue such as those seen in films like the Bourne Identity. While the addition of Leeza X is nice, gameplay remained the same as the original.
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
11 months ago#16

The first Crazy Taxi was a hit for developer Hitmaker when it was first seen in the arcades in 1999 (and then ported everywhere). The sequel was set in "Small Apple" (a flimsy expy for New York) instead of the "West Coast" (San Francisco), but it wasn't as widely played being a Dreamcast exclusive released after the system's discontination (it has since been remade, for the equally dubious PSP in 2007).

In 2002, Hitmaker decided to bring Crazy Taxi 3 into Las Vegas (hence the subtitle "High Roller"), but this game wasn't just an tack-on sequel. Crazy Taxi 3 contains characters and locations from the first and second games so new players could catch up to what the entire series offered. Crazy Taxi 3 reused the same mechanics of the original games with few additions, mainly redrawing locales with better models and textures thanks to the newer Xbox hardware. Because it encompasses the original games, Crazy Taxi 3 may be the definitive version of the series. Hitmaker has since released a GBA game and two mobile games based on the universe.


While the franchise never sold a lot of games, ToeJam & Earl were considered "sleeper mascots" for Sega with plenty of positive critical reception for their auto-generated levels and unabashadly 90's cultural references.

Released in 2002, after a 9-year hiatus from their two Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games, ToeJam & Earl III follows the titular extra-terrestrial "hip-hop rappers" as they set out to find twelve albums of Funk hidden across Earth, aided by newly shoe-horned female-character Latisha. They are being chased by the villainous Anti-Funk, who is obsessed with getting rid of all Funk in the universe. If this sounds like the Sith Empire versus the Jedi Rebels to you, you're not alone. TJ&E3 was a straightforward adventure whose ingame world was inspired by science-fiction and hip-hop. Like its predecessors, it never became popular, but consider yourself lucky if you got to experience the 90's (again) through ToeJam and Earl.

Mission To Earth was confirmed to be in development for the Saturn, the Nintendo 64, and even the Dreamcast before finally finding a home on the Xbox. In 2013, a prototype copy of the Dreamcast version was dumped online with the permission of creators Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger.


The House of the Dead franchise is a first-person light-gun series where players are moved around from one gallery to the next, clearing them of zombies and other horrific creatures while listening to some cheesy dialogue. The Xbox version was ported from the arcades in 2002.

This installment of the franchise is the first to have a female lead, Lisa Rogan, the daughter of the lead from the first game, Thomas Rogan. Also along for the ride are franchise-recurring sidekick "G" and Daniel Curien, son of the creator of the zombie-apocalypse. The Xbox version allowed either the controller or a light gun peripheral to be used. House of the Dead 3 makes many changes to the series, starting with the main weapon. Now a wide-spread shotgun instead of a pistol, reloading can be automated by a cool-down timer rather than firing off-screen, unnamed hostages are removed in favor of scenarios where your partner is the one in trouble, and multiple endings are now affected by the order in which you complete the stages (the layouts change to reflect your selection). All of these are ideal for home-console gameplay and add replay the game.

With House of the Dead 3, Sega gave gamers one of the few light-gun games for the Xbox (along with Silent Scope, Starsky & Hutch) and for that generation (the PS2 also had a handful of GunCon2 games such as their Time Crisis and Gun Survivor series).
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
11 months ago#17

The first Super Monkey Ball game was ported from the Arcade onto the Gamecube in 2001. It was a big deal as it was known to be Sega's first game for a Nintendo console. It was also popular enough that it spawned a sequel. Both games were put into Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (along with added levels) which was released in 2005 for the PS2 and Xbox, where it has widescreen support.

Monkey Ball is a puzzle-style maze-game where players have to take control of... well, a monkey in a ball. Maneuavre your encapsulated monkey-marble to the exit within the time limit while avoiding hazards and obstacles (and avoid falling off the edge of the stage) all while collecting bananas. It sounds simple, but as you progress it's another one of those Sega-hard games that throws everything at you.

This would be the only Xbox appearance for the franchise as it has since stuck to Nintendo's Wii and portables (DS, iOS, 3DS, Vita).

#5: SEGA GT 2002 (XBOX)

The sequel to the Dreamcast hit Sega GT (2000), Sega GT 2002 (2002) was originally in development for the doomed console before debuting on the Xbox.

Like any racing game, players have to purchase cars and build up their performance before racing them to win earnings to purchase and improve all the vehicles (Sega GT 2002 had an emphasis on several vintage ones). Sega GT 2002 proved to be quite popular at the time, and was seen as serious competition to Sony's Gran Turismo 3. Sega GT 2002 included a damage meter in lieu of rendering damage to the car; it didn't affect the performance, but was used to determine bonus rewards at the end of each race.

Despite the praise, Sega GT 2002 failed to generate a sequel (other than Sega GT Online) while games like Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing showed up. It was well-received enough for the Xbox that it became bundled-in with the console, along with Jet Set Radio Future.


The latest (and last) in the Panzer Dragoon line continues the tradition of being a rail-shooter, with the exception of Panzer Dragoon Saga being an RPG (and the less said about Panzer Dragoon on the R-zone the better). Panzer Dragoon Orta was released in 2002 as an Xbox exclusive, developed by Smilebit instead of Team Andromeda.

Orta plays exactly like the previous games: through you can control the dragon's path, speed, and camera, the stage auto-scrolls as enemies fly at or past you. The story this time surrounds a young girl named Orta, imprisoned by the tyrannical Empire. The game starts in earnest when a Dragon frees her and Orta begins to unravel her mysterious past while creating a future world free from the Empire. The graphics and story of this game are highly detailed, with several unlockable backstories and extras (including a complete copy of the first game), and even though at its core it is a basic shooter, additional maneuvering and morphing abilities have been added.

Though the series was popular (three Saturn games, a Game Gear game, an R-zone game), the popularity was restricted to the Saturn.
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
11 months ago#18


The sequel to Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio for Americans) from the Dreamcast, one of the first series to make use of cel-shading rendered 3D models. The games follow Beats and his sidekicks across Tokyo-to, a fictional version of Tokyo where uniformity is enforced, as they tag the streets with colorful graffiti while fending off rivals and escaping the police.

Jet Set Radio Future was developed by Smilebit and released for the Xbox in 2002 and contains many improvements and additions. The levels are now connected together like a giant sandbox and the mission time-limit removed giving players more freedom to roam. The comedic police from the first game return, but in patrols rather than continually chasing you. They can be stopped in similar fashion -- by plowing through them at high speeds or spraying them with graffiti. The game has more focus on inline skating, speeding up the gameplay and giving players the ability to grind or skate backwards. Along with customizable graffiti art, there is multi-player mode and hidden sub-missions, all of which make Jet Set Radio Future worth your while.

Despite unanimous success with critics, and being a bundled exclusive with the console, the game never sold well and the franchise stalled. Ports of the first game appeared on the GBA and PC/PSN/XBL.


Created by Sonic Team USA, Sonic Heroes was released in 2003 as the next main entry in the Sonic series after Sonic Adventure 2 (2001). It also made waves for being the first canonical Sonic game to be premiere on a non-Sega console. Sonic Heroes has four selectable teams, each comprised of three members from the Sonic universe. Each team's members have to combine their specializations in Speed, Power, and Flight to complete levels. For example the main team has Sonic (Speed), Knuckles (Power), and Tails (Flight). Each level follows the standard Sonic formula -- amass rings before reaching the end, and encounter a boss battle every few levels. But with Sonic Heroes, the focus shifts away from Sonic as the protagonist, forcing the spotlight to other characters if the player wants to truly complete the game.

With the wide reception, also comes wider critique; there was praise for its throw-back level-designs (comparing Seaside Hill to Sonic 1's iconic Green Hill Zone). Some stages in Hereos, such as Casino Park, were popular enough to appear in other Sonic titles. But Sonic Heroes was also the first of many Sonic games questioned for its wavering quality, as if Sega was just milking the franchise for sales (until Sonic's 2006 reboot).

And this is where I need to take a break.

I will assume 91210user is truthful about their British origins, I just wish I could take it to their grammar-school teacher. (I bit my tongue quite hard on all the instances of stake and bunk I had to sort through.)
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User Info: KeeperBvK

11 months ago#19
Vyse_skies posted...
Shenmue II really should have been number one and not an honourable mention. Anyway, this list just made me feel sad because of how many great franchises saw their last games here.
House of the Dead
Shenmue (Until 3 is released... if it ever does)
Toejam and Earl

Um, on XBox we had HotD 3, after which came HotD 4, Overkill and soon Scarlet Dawn.
And there is also a new Toejam & Earl (called Back in the Groove) in the works.
And why wouldn't Shenmue 3 come out? The have the money and they have support by Sony.

User Info: 91210user

11 months ago#20
Hi folks... excuse my late reply. I may add Gun Valkyire and replace it with one of the other entries shortly.
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