#3029: The Top 10 'Remastered' Video Games, by CheckABookout

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User Info: Nadster

7 months ago#21
Good list. Now I have to remember if the original Cars have a slightly different soundtrack for the home consoles. I can't remember if the PSP version actually having a licensed soundtrack.
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User Info: Armor_Key

7 months ago#22
I'm surprised, that Resident Evil 1 wasn't on the list.

User Info: Kashell Triumph

Kashell Triumph
7 months ago#23
I don't have too much to add. The differences between remakes, reboots, remasters, rewinds, reruns, and rehashes has already been covered. The entries were fine I suppose; I just have no interest in any of those games. Back to the Future is one of the most overrated movies I have ever seen.

But, I'm glad that a new list is featured again. So there's that.
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User Info: vega2505

7 months ago#24
I don't even actually read the lists...I see the title and see what the entries are and then comment if I thought there were missing things.

Of course lots of people haven't played lots of games and I'm not super serious about putting down anyone's list, just giving my opinions on the subject because I found the subject itself interesting.

I find these lists good for open discussion about games, but then sometimes it devolves into crap a bit and needs to be gotten back on track.
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User Info: ShadowSect

7 months ago#26
vega2505 posted...
I don't even actually read the lists...

Then don't comment. Period.
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User Info: Sega9599

7 months ago#27
TsC_PoLiTiKz posted...
Lost7th posted...
CheckABookout posted...
Aren't they kinda the same thing?

NO. Not even a little. A remaster is when you take the source material spruce it up and make it prettier to account for better media. A remake is well a reMAKE it's there in the title. It's redoing the project from the ground

Bulls***. Everybody KNOWS it's an opinion. That's not the goddamn point. If you post your work online and regardless if it's an opinion or not people are going to comment, criticize and rip it apart.

And don't even get me started on the whole you should just make your own garbage you're spouting. The's just a pathetic lazy defense by people who can't actual argue their own precious opinions. If a chef overcooks your dinner he can't tell you to just go make your own. If a plumber doesn't fix your sink right he can't just say "do it yourself!" If all you want to do is share you OH SO PRECIOUS opinion with the mean cruel world in a place where nobody will pick on you like the big bad meanies they are, then get your own blog where you can control who says what. We're not here to congratulate you for knowing how a word processor works.

Lastly when you take it upon yourself to write something that will be hosted on a front page then you are assuming a certain amount of expertise on that subject. This isn't just an opinion it's an article shared to the whole site and often seen by people with no prior information and understanding of the subject at hand and a poorly written list is doing nothing but spreading misinformation that will no doubt cloud the judgement and opinions of others based of what is written. You're not just spreading an opinion, you're spreading information.. A post is an opinion. An article demands more thought and is open to the ire and critique of others just as much as it is the shallow sycophantic praise you so desperately crave.

If you want to write something, if you really think your thoughts are worth sharing then you need to step up and have the temerity to accept the responsibility that goes alongside it. When you hide behind comments like go make your own or it's just my opinion it's cowardice. Abject cowardice. If people disagree with you then actually discuss the points. Acknowledge the criticism. Nobody is demanding you change your choices or your precious opinion but when you don't stand by them. When you don't acknowledge what people around you are saying for good or for hill and try to put up a barrier to protect yourself, then you are only proving your detractors right and nothing you say, nothing you do will EVER have merit.

Jesus Christ, you need to heed your own advice and keep your s***ty opinions to your self.

Good lost! Obviously picked quite a few I wouldn't have, but it was well-written and a good read. Nice one!

Calling a remake a remaster is not an opinion. I think lost 7th was a little harsh with his "you've got to accept every bit of criticism no matter how vapid, ridiculous or incorrect and treat it as worthy as the opinion of your honest best friend"

But really i can't argue with his statements, a certain level of expertise about the subject is necessary. You can't just say "my top 10 mario platformers" and then list Mario is Missing because it's your opinion that it's a platformer. "But he jumps and Yoshi is there....and most importantly it's my opinion so it can't be wrong"

Or.. .i suppose you can say that but you can't be surprised when others rightfully point out flaws in your reasoning.
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User Info: vega2505

7 months ago#28
ShadowSect posted...
vega2505 posted...
I don't even actually read the lists...

Then don't comment. Period.

I'll do what I want, just like you'll do what you want and we'll both be held accountable for opinions on those actions.
I used to be a Street Fighter like you...then I took a Spiral Arrow to the Tiger Knee.
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