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User Info: realaddmantis

3 years ago#23
The_Mighty_KELP posted...
DetroitDJ posted...

1. No one knows for sure what effect the link at the bottom of the Top 10 Lists has.

2. The Message Board TaCoS

1. Not even SBAllen? Couldn't we just ask him?

2. Message board Tacos? What are these and where can I get a few to go?

This. Does no one know after all this time?
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User Info: DDJ

3 years ago#24
realaddmantis posted...
This. Does no one know after all this time?

At the moment, all it does is update the counter on your contributor hits page. | Latest: GameFAQs Top 100 |

User Info: empblmmmsd

3 years ago#25
My top 10 list "Best video games of all time" was rejected because it was too broad. What does that mean?
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User Info: Iyamtebist

3 years ago#26
empblmmmsd posted...
My top 10 list "Best video games of all time" was rejected because it was too broad. What does that mean?

I think that would be because, simply having a countdown about the best games is too broad a topic to really be interesting especially seeing as how there isn't really much about it that is unique and it is a rather cliched topic. Maybe if there is a certain specific category that these games fall into than it may work.

User Info: Tyragor

2 years ago#27
Wasn't this place for anything but discussing the top ten lists?
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Enough people seem to ask these questions so I'm adding them here.

11. Who approves/features the Top 10 lists?

Our current understanding is that only Administrators (SBAllen, Devin_Morgan) have this power.

12. Why are some lists featured on the homepage more than others?

To answer this requires an understanding of how the site updates each day and how the quota for allotted time on the homepage is met. When a new list is published, site code (anecdotally observed of course) dictates it will be up for the remainder of that first day, and then a complete 24-hour period after that (from Midnight to Midnight Eastern Standard Time). A new list will complete its first day and begin its 24-hour period, but that period may be interrupted if another new list is published. Since that first list hasn't completed its allotted 24 hours yet, it will once again be back on the homepage the following day to try again, and if another new list is published on that day (you guessed it), the original list will return yet again the day after that!

Fortunately nothing lasts forever, as no new lists are ever published on Saturday and Sunday to force a completed 24-hour cycle for lists even at times when the submission/publication queue is high.

What this all means is that heavily "featured" lists are the result of fortunate timing and circumstance; not the result of preferential treatment.

TL;DR: Robots

13. Why is an old list from years ago back up on the homepage?

From the above we can understand that when new lists are published, they are allotted the remaining day plus a full 24-hour cycle before moving on to the next new list in line. The archive is essentially a failsafe for when that 24-hour cycle is up, and there's no new list in line to replace it. We first documented the effects of this feature in 2013 after a substantial dry spell of submissions, however it must have occurred prior to that as well. What must have happened the very first time there was no new list, was that the site homepage reverted back to the first featured list ever, and the archive's been slowly ticking upward ever since.

When an archived list returns, it similarly gets a 24-hour cycle before the archive will move on to the next archived list in history. When a new list is published, the archive queue is put on hold until it's needed again; be it days, months, and yes even years provided there's enough submissions. To combat the archive is simple. If you don't want to see old lists, do your part - submit a new list today!

TL;DR: Older Robots
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User Info: WhitePointer

3 months ago#29
14. Why was my list accepted but not featured on the main page?

Under the old system, submitted lists would wait in a queue until an admin approved them, and they would basically be accepted one by one, once per day, and then the automated system would kick in from there. Your list may have waited to be approved for several days.

SBAllen changed this system in November 2017:

Basically, now all lists will get approved or rejected as they are submitted. If your list is approved, it will be published on GameFAQs immediately and will be added to the top 10 archive page ( Approved lists are then queued up to be featured on the front page of GameFAQs. Each list will be featured for a predetermined amount of time (currently, this is 2 days/48 hours - however SBAllen can possibly change this in the future). Depending on how many lists are in the queue ahead of yours, it may be several days before your list is actually featured on the main page - but rest assured it will be featured eventually, and will be given its time in the spotlight (currently 2 full days) just like everyone else's. Have a look at the archive page to see how many lists are between the current featured list and yours, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy other contributor's lists until it's time for yours to shine.

Note that occasionally, "themed" lists may be queued up to be re-featured on certain days, such as holiday-themed lists to be featured over a specific holiday period.

15. Why does my list show a blurry picture that says "Spoilers Ahead" instead of the cover art of my #10 entry on the main page?

This is also likely due to a change that was made at around the same time as the new scheduling system. There now seems to be an automatic process that will swap the cover art of your #10 entry with this "Spoilers Ahead" image on the main page of the site (not the list itself, don't worry) if the title of your list contains the word "spoilers" anywhere. Although not officially confirmed by an admin, it's likely this change was done to avoid games potentially being spoiled, as under the old system it was possible to spoil something such as a major plot twist about a game without the reader needing to even click on the list.
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User Info: gwwak

4 weeks ago#30
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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