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After the List is Submitted

26. Wait. Typically, one Featured Top 10 list is posted each week day. You can check the status of your submitted Top 10 list here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/contribute/contrib_status.php

27. If the list is rejected, improve it. If you see that your list was rejected at the above URL, it will get sent back to your Unposted Lists box for easy editing (though note that this won't happen if you manually pull it -- you'll have to copy/paste the list back into the boxes, which is a pain). Oftentimes, SBAllen will include a note about why the list wasn't posted: if it's a minor thing, fix that and resubmit it. If it's more major and systematic, though, or if he didn't say anything at all, then the list probably needs more work. Post your thoughts on the board and we'll be glad to help you out.

28. Be prepared for criticism. Lists are famously a lightning rod for criticism on this site, largely for the reasons I alluded to in the notes on Choosing the Items: everyone has a different gaming history, and thus they all have different ideas for what should be included in your list. Generally speaking, if you have a list posted, at least one person will say it's the worst list ever posted on the site. They're wrong. The worst list on the site is this one: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/top10/1813.html

Don't let the criticism bother you. Give any criticism the weight that comes with how well thought-out it is. Any idiot can write off, "Worst list ever!" or "Fails for not having (some game) on it." Those aren't intelligent criticisms, and given the work you've put into your list, your opinion carries far, far more weight than theirs. But when constructive criticism comes, appreciate it. You don't necessarily have to agree with it, and you can feel free to defend your list; but be constructive about it in return. Ignore non-constructive criticism, and treat constructive criticism constructively yourself. And don't worry: when it comes to people bashing your list, we've got your back. This board has a wonderful culture of protecting authors and shunning those that just want to shoot their mouth off about their ideas without taking two seconds to defend them.

Credit: This FAQ was contains tips from numerous Top 10 List writers. Thanks especially go to Sanctuary Remix's "Making Top Tens for Dummies" thread, which has been distilled out for this topic. Thanks also go to BlueGunstarHero, MotherKojiro, Nazifpour, Stalolin, FRIEDSTRUCK, GamerJM, and shadow_571.