9 years ago #8
23. Use boxshots and screenshots intelligently. For a lot of lists, it works just fine to outright have the game's boxshot for each item, but there are a lot of lists that need something different. For example, if you're listing characters, why not have pictures of the characters rather than just the boxshots of the games they hail from? If you're listing things that aren't specific to individual games, why have images at all?

Remember, you're only allowed to use image thumbnails for the images in a list. To get the thumbnail, right-click on the image on the screenshot page, and either click Copy Image Location (in Firefox), click Properties and copy the URL (Internet Explorer), or Copy Image URL (Chrome). Then, paste this URL into the image box of the list item.

24. Take your time. This was mentioned before, but applies here as well. There's no need to hit Submit on your list the moment you're done writing it: odds are, it won't be posted for a few days anyway. So let it sit for a day or two. Come back and read it later and make sure it still makes sense. You'll be glad you did: you'll catch some mistakes and realize what you didn't explain clearly in the first place.

25. Get Feedback. And once again, you can get feedback on this stage of the process, too. We'd love to read your write-ups and let you know if you're explaining things thoroughly enough or skimping on some details. There are plenty of grammar people around as well that can help with grammatical issues or problems of tone and phrasing. Remember, Top 10 lists cannot be edited once they're posted, so better safe than sorry: get some feedback before you submit your list.