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WiiWare w/ DLC?

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User Info: Lightwarrior11

7 months ago#1
Here's the WiiWare I'm thinking of buying before the shop closes:

3-2-1, Rattle Battle!
3D Pixel Racing
Adventure Island: The Beginning
Anima: Ark of Sinners
Arkanoid Plus!
Art Style [ALL]
Aya and the Cubes of Light
Balloon Pop Festival
Bang Attack!
Blaster Master: Overdrive
Block Breaker Deluxe
Bomberman Blast
Bonsai Barber
Bubble Bobble Plus!
Bust-a-Move Plus!
Carnival King
Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth
Contra: ReBirth
Copter Crisis
Critter Round-Up
Dragon Master Spell Caster
Eco Shooter
ExciteBike: World Rally
Final Fantasy CC: My Life as a King
Furry Legends
Ghost Slayer
Gradius ReBirth
Harvest Moon: My Little Shop
Horizon Riders
Jett Rocket
Let's Catch
lilt line
Little Tournament Over Yonder
Maboshi's Arcade
Magnetica Twist
Mr. Driller W
My Aquarium
My Aquarium 2
Rock N' Roll Climber
Snowpack Park
Star Soldier R
Tomena Sanner
Violin Paradise
Water Warfare
Wild West Guns
You, Me, and the Cubes
Zombie Panic in Wonderland

Which of these has DLC available that extends gameplay? I already know all the Taito games have extra levels you need to buy (in-game, I think?)...

User Info: MawiocUdwoc

7 months ago#2
From those, the only one I know that has DLC with extra gameplay is FFCC My Life as a King. For more info, check this link out:

The other 3 games from that list I know have DLC are from Taito (Arkanoid Plus, Bubble Bobble Plus and Bust-a-Move Plus), which you said you knew about.

User Info: Lightwarrior11

7 months ago#3
MawiocUdwoc posted...
FFCC My Life as a King

Oh, wow, thanks for reminding me!

I encountered that info while making my list, but forgot to mark it down. I would certainly have forgot! 8o

I'm only going to have access to my Wii for a week around Christmastime, so I've gotta make sure I do it right!

User Info: MawiocUdwoc

7 months ago#4
You're welcome, I checked and My Aquarium 2 has DLC too apparently but I don't know the details.

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