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Full collection of Virtual Console & Wiiware block sizes

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User Info: dhowerter

4 years ago#231
zzeennoolloo -

Hi there again :)

First, thank you for keeping this thread updated ;-). I appreciate it.

Second, thank you for the Wii Mini info and pic. (OK good, NOW I know what the proper USA Wii Mini Box Art (WITH Mario Kart Wii inside) looks like!

Maybe the packaging I had seen before *without* Mario Kart mentioned on the box was the Canadian Box art.

Ok, now 2 questions about the USA Wii Mini's Mario Kart Wii:

1. Do you know if the Mario Kart Wii inside it comes in full normal retail plastic DVD style case (the same as if you just bought Mario Kart Wii normally in a store) or in something different?

2. Does the Wii Mini version of Mario Kart come with exactly the same full color manual that the normal release does?

(Did they shrink the manual down at all to help fit in in the Wii Mini Box? ;-)

Thanks! :)

(message deleted)

User Info: zzeennoolloo

4 years ago#233
Hello dhowerter!!
I've been away from the country for the last few weeks. I'm back with proper internet access now. While nothing happened in January, I'll use the update for January for a "year in review" for 2013. Then, for February, I'll mention the Wi-fi issue that was announced that is going to be a HUGE issue in a few months. Then for the first March update, I'll mentioned what happened to Star Parodier. I'll also answer your question regarding the Wii mini (which I'll put into the 2013 year in review post. I should have everything up by this Friday night / early Saturday morning.
2014..... the year of Zzeennoolloo.
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