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360 DLCs

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User Info: SuikoKid2

11 months ago#1
Im confused with how DLCs are working. I have 2 360 accounts. Both have DLCs, here's whats weird. The first account has dlcs but it MUST be online for the DLCs to work and be active. The 2nd account i lost the password to but i can still use and get into the 360 account and even when offline it still lets the game use the DLCs and they're active. I'm confused does anyone know or understand whats going on?

User Info: SuikoKid2

11 months ago#2
Actually, idk how much of any of that works cause im not as good with 360 than PS3 an 4. BUT I just knew that the first account could only use dlc IF online, hell i cant even play the game if its offline cause it needs the DLC.But that makes no sense cause the other account yeah has dlc but it can still play the games while being offline

User Info: Roy_Turkey

10 months ago#3
Ok I could explain this but it would take too long.. Look here.

You can only use 1 360 with all your licenses transfered offline at one time.
So pick the console that wont work unless your online, log on, go to accounts managment and
look at when the next license transfer will be. You can only do this every 4 months.

Yes, you can have theroetically 10 or even 20 360s with the same gamertag and games on them,
but you have to wait 4 months for each to transfer it all.
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