The "My games are suddenly trial games" and Indie Game solution Mini-FAQ

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User Info: LiquidViper

8 years ago#21

What licenses are NOT transferred by the tool?

Due to licensing restrictions, movie rental licenses are not transferred. Make sure you watch your movies before using this tool.

If you can't download them at all through your History, I would try to call Microsoft about it to see if there's a better answer for you.

User Info: Moose_Doll

8 years ago#22
Oh, that's why we can't play Indie games offline? Thats... pretty ****ing stupid.

User Info: DarkRealityX

8 years ago#23
I have a question, TC, that I think will puzzle you, as I considered myself a license expert until I came across this case:

Background: My wife and I have one 360 at our place, and her brother has a 360 at his place. We all play Rock Band 2, and we buy most of the same songs, but we buy more than he does and we each buy some songs that the other doesn't buy (though we take note of this and buy these tracks "eventually" so when we play online, we have as much in common as possible).

I got a Memory Unit, and moved my gamertag to the MU, along with my Rock Band 2 save (so I could play as my guy, and get the gold microphone icon for having completed the Endless Setlist (six hours!) on Hard). I take my guy over to his place, and it's great. Well, at some point we realized that if I go into Purchase History, I could re-download stuff I'd bought that he hadn't, and as long as I was signed in, we could play these songs. But as soon as I went home, the songs wouldn't play for him. He quickly realized that by playing the Career mode, the game would make random setlists, and it would include songs that he wasn't authorized to have. Oops. So he started taking note of what I'd download, and delete it when I'd gone. Some he'd later buy, and of course, tied to his account rather than mine, he could use them after I'd gone (as they were his).

Problem: I bought the Disturbed 3-pack, with "Voices", "The Game", and "Meaning of Life", and re-downloaded this on his Xbox. We played them, had a good time, etc. I'd leave, he'd delete them. I'd come back, download them again, leave, and he'd delete them. After a couple weeks, he decided he wanted "Meaning of Life". So he bought it -- just the one song -- and it wouldn't play. He made sure the 3-pack was deleted (Rock Band multipacks are different from the sum of the songs they include) as well as the single he bought, and re-downloaded it. Again, no good. He figured out at some point that, in Quickplay, just pointing at the song without selecting it only plays the 30-second loop preview if the authorized owner is present. If it's silent, it'll give an error. Well, I come over -- and it plays. We quit to Dashboard, I sign out and pull my MU, go back into the game -- again, he's unauthorized. We've confirmed that he did purchase it and we can re-download it as him, but somehow the license is still tied to me, and the ***** of it is I don't even have the license to the single. I have a license to the 3-pack. They're not the same.

Any thoughts?
--- Dark Reality
--- What reality are you from please? Must be dark there or something...

User Info: The VGA

8 years ago#24
So where is the Indie Game solution? Because there is no way I'm buying an indi-game if I can't play it off line. Not even if Dean Dodrill is the one who made it! (Sorry Dean)
Warioware ID:0603 8725 3540 This hits close to my home.

User Info: LiquidViper

8 years ago#25
^Well, technically the solution is more of an answer to the question, "Why can't I play Indie Games offline?" So far, there is absolutely no way to play them offline and no telling if this will ever change. I don't think anything will change since the ESRB is rather strict on game ratings.

DarkRealityX, that's definitely a bizarre problem that I can't say I've heard of. Has he himself just tried doing a license migration for himself? I'd have him call Microsoft and see if they can just migrate that individual license so he doesn't "waste" his once a year transfer. The weird thing about this issue is that the song was downloaded to his 360 and tied to his Gamertag and Serial number which is why it should not have caused a problem.

Also, the reason it works with your tag signed in MAY be because you already had the license for the song(despite owning the 3 pack). I don't know if they distinguish a difference between the 3-pack and the single licenses since when buying the 3 pack, you're just buying the 3 songs together rather than individually; the licenses should be the same regardless. This just leads to the possibility that the license didn't download properly for him when he bought the song which is why I would just call Microsoft and ask for an individual license transfer.

Hope this helps!

User Info: OminousMan

8 years ago#26
I downloaded Trial Versions of a few games, then purchased the full versions. Recently I moved and don't have internet access at my house, these are now showing up as only trial versions. If I delete the games and then bring my 360 to a friends house to re-download the full version, would that fix my problem?

"What's the matter Col. Sandurz? CHICKEN?!?!?!" - Dark Helmet

User Info: LiquidViper

8 years ago#27
^There are a few people who have said simply re-downloading them works, but it may not. Best thing you can do is re-download, disconnect from Live entirely and try the games out. If they're still coming up as Trials just do the license transfer while you're at your friends house and that will definitely fix the problems.

If you've done the one transfer for the year, I'd call Microsoft and they should be able to migrate licenses over.

Also, I've seen a couple of topics of people thought they weren't able to do a license transfer because they don't have a router and only one connection(modem to PC). If that's the case, use this method that this person used in this topic:

Here's what they said:

You'd think(*that disconnecting from Live would void the migration*), but I'm guessing all they want is a signal of what the new 360 is broadcasting(horribly worded I'm sure)

I was terribly unsure of doing it myself, especially since NO ONE seemed to have an answer.

but it worked just fine. go to start the transfer, when it tells you to connect to live, do just that, then hook your internet back up. I had to refreash the page....cuz I had updates on live to dl, but it worked perfectly fine. you have a 30 minute window, and if you dont finish, it doesnt count.(as in you can restart it)

Others below have reported success, so if this is the case for you, just follow that.

User Info: dratsab

8 years ago#28
We need a vehicle combat game!

User Info: Volt7x

8 years ago#29
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: habitat420

8 years ago#30
I gotta question.. My brother and I have 2 gamertags total ....1 xbox 360.. he made the mistake of loading his profile with points(we just buy DLc, etc...on 1 profile) now I can play them off my gamertag(since its the same console and HD)but is there a way to transfer it to 1 profile cuz its on the same xbox/HD ?? what Im asking is is there a way for me to have the content too with out having to REBUY it just cause its on a different profile...but stil the same xbox and HD?? sorry if Im confusing
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