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Windows 10 Question (upgrading a system)

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User Info: Pikachu1918

4 months ago#1
I know sometimes Windows can be finky.

For a father's day gift, I am considering a new CPU, a new SSD, and a new video card for his system. For the record his system is seven to eight years old.

99% of the time he uses it for programming, book keeping, but he wants more speed out of it.

I am just wondering if this kind of refit means he'll need to reinstall windows, or can he transfer Windows from the old HD, to the new one, then swap out some parts, and Bob is your uncle he's back on easy street? Or does this mean square one, reinstall it all?

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User Info: aetherspoon

4 months ago#2
Windows 10 is a lot more robust than older versions of Windows in that regard, so it would probably work. However, he would need to reactivate Windows if you're changing that many parts.
Resident junk computer part expert, owner of #aspoonedroom
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  3. Windows 10 Question (upgrading a system)

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