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PC won't turn on after being bumped

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User Info: messagetyper

6 months ago#1
After accidentally bumping the left side of my case around the hard drive area, my pc froze and now I can't get it to boot up.

Bump wasn't too strong but I'd say it's enough to give my pc a little shake.

Here's what I got:
-No BIOs, no anything showing up on my screen.
-CPU fan not running.
-GPU fan, mouse lighting seems to be working fine.
-Everything seems to be in place, I don't really think that the bump caused anything to move that much.

Would like to know a solution to this and would also like to know if my hard drive data is safe.
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1 - Turn off and unplug your PC.
2 - Open the case
3 - Unseat and reseat every power and data cable connection
4 - Plug PC back in, turn on, and hope for the best
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User Info: messagetyper

6 months ago#3
Just an update, my CPU fan runs. Also tried booting with one stick of ram, still nothing.
I don't type messages.

User Info: Foxfire15

6 months ago#4
Best thing to do would to be to strip back the the absolute minimum and see if you can get it to at least POST and get you to "no OS found" or whatever.

0) Turn off and unplug
1) Disconnect everything except the CPU, RAM, and power connectors. Plug in video if your system does not have a speaker to beep when it powers on (Usually a single beep indicates POST completed, beep codes indicate a problem).
2) Start reconnecting 1 at a time until it stops booting - you've found your culprit. As always, unplug and allow the system to discharge a moment between adding and removing components.
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