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User Info: SuperSynMusashi

1 month ago#1

That's good news. There were a lot of non-disc games I wanted to get, or full DLC for some more. Glad I don't have to drop a load of cash to secure them all pre-summer.

User Info: DeadPhoenix86

1 month ago#2
I think because of the backlash and the amount of people were buying games from the store, made Sony realize that old games still matters. Hopefully they will find a way to make PS3 games playable on future consoles. The hardware is there.

User Info: rexator

1 month ago#3
Hey! Some good news. Its rare a company gets the hint like that.
Good grief and alas.

User Info: soliantu

1 month ago#4
I'm still going to round up the most urgent things I need to save my future self some grief should this happen for real at some point, but this is great news.
"Until the end" - The citizens of Palmacosta.
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