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User Info: SoulSword13

2 months ago#1
I just re-purchased a PS3 slim with a 1TB HDD to ensure I get all my content downloaded from the store/library before they shut down in July.
Sadly, when I try to log into my PSN account It says "The sign-in ID or password is incorrect. If 20step verification is active, you must enter a device setup password into the Password field. Check your mobile phone for a text message about your Sony Entertainment Network account."
My email and password are correct. I've tested on my PS4, PS5, PC account, Mobile account. I have the right email and password. I also have 2-step verification, and nothing from the PS3 sign in comes up to do anything.
I have changed my password, followed the 2-step verification process and then immediately went to sign in to PS3, PS4 and PS5. PS4 and PS5 connect. PS3 just reverts to the same error i posted above.
I am connected to the internet as I did a system update using the internet, and I downloaded the latest version of Playstation Store.
When I try to get into the Playstation Store, it says "This service is currently undergoing maintenance."
So my only thought was that the PS Network for PS3 truly is down..but when I check server status, sony says it's up.
Anyone with a PS3 able to confirm there is something going on? They didn't shut everything down early did they?
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