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User Info: krauser135

2 months ago#1

As some of you may know, the PSN store for the PS3 is rumoured to be shutting down in a few months.

My PS3's clock battery is no longer functional and as such, everytime I turn on my PS3 I need to set the clock via internet which of course will no longer be possible if the PS3 servers go down. Consequently, my digitally purchased games will be unplayable.

Is there any way to bypass this? Is there no other choice but to hack, mod, jailbreak, etc my PS3 to avoid my loss of my digital games? Will modding it even help the situation or does it still require the internal clock to synchronize with the PS3 servers regardless? I am aware that I could try replacing the battery, but even that will eventually run out as well...

Thank you for any help you may provide.
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User Info: DeadPhoenix86

2 months ago#2
You could open it up and replace the battery.

User Info: Sophista

2 months ago#3

This article seems to suggest that you need to replace the clock battery before July 2, so that the clock would last as long as that battery. But I wonder whether shutting down the PS3 store necessarily means that all PSN access will disappear. Ideally, PS3s would still be able to access PSN for clocks and trophies even if the store itself goes down. But who knows, given that the shutdown is still a rumor at this point.

User Info: Linkz1

1 month ago#4
The Wii and Wii U has a small slot on the bottom where the battery clock and is very easy to replace. The PS3 is hard work to take apart just to change a small battery. They should put in another place with a small slot instead.
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  3. What can bypass the internal clock settings?
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