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User Info: nehukog

3 years ago#1
So me and a buddy started playing tennis against each other for fun this summer and up until a few weeks ago when they closed the courts down for winter. We each didn't know how to play or anything, but got to the point where we can both serve over hand now. I can do a better over hand serve than him, at the moment, but I want to get even better, and I want top get better at returns.

Right now I would say his returns have better form. He doesn't have a whole lot of control (neither of us really do), but he swings the racket in a heavy slice a lot and on the times where the control is there, it goes completly to the other side of the court right on the line.

I was wondering firstly, how to do the really good and fast serves. I have tried a few times, but they just end up complelty out of bounds and almost over the fence.

Also how do you do the high speed returns? I have gotten lucky once in awhile and lucked into it, but mostly when I return I swing like a line drive baseball bat style with little force.

User Info: REMercsChamp

3 years ago#2
First of all, you are going to need to practice. A s*** ton.

Check out this vid for some tips on the basic stuff. Then practice, you will develop your own style as you put in hours and grueling hours, if you think you can dedicate yourself to it.

User Info: Elmdor043

3 years ago#3
Don't ever feel bad if you're not where you'd like, I've hit a "drop shot" that flew in the air like a lob and landed far out of the court. How does someone mess up a dropper that bad lmao? I will say that I did hit a sick dropper that even the pros wouldn't have gotten to (if they were at the baseline) that barely went over and bounced very low towards the doubles alley, proudest moment of my one night tennis career.
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