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User Info: miracle whip

miracle whip
2 months ago#1
Starting a new tradition (if I remember, feel free to re-make this topic next off-season just a few weeks after free agency). Simply choose the team you think will make the playoffs first out of 5 bonafide bumsquads (bottom of each division plus the next lowest point team in as a wildcard, ya I'm making that a rule so my fav bumsquad gets in for the first annual bumsquad bowl)

in the event of more than one of the teams making the playoffs the tiebreakers will be: points -> head-to-head records -> goal differential -> PIM (more = better) -> goals for (moar goalz) -> total points scored for the team by Canadian players -> first person who realizes all the previous conditions are somehow tied's choice (probably me)

Two separate scores for this - one for the actual winner (determined by tiebreakers above) and another for the total times your selection made the playoffs but lost the tiebreaker. Like gold and silver medals I guess.

2020 bumsquad list:

Red Wings

User Info: miracle whip

miracle whip
2 months ago#2
Devils for me

User Info: OkayPlayer1

2 months ago#3
What happens when none of them make the playoffs?

User Info: VinnyLecavalier

2 months ago#4

User Info: miracle whip

miracle whip
2 months ago#5
OkayPlayer1 posted...
What happens when none of them make the playoffs?
it continues until one of them makes it eventually

User Info: bradmarchandfan

2 months ago#6
you dont do that, if you do that you're just some english pig with no brain

User Info: Naysaspace

2 months ago#7


User Info: PuckPropaganda

2 months ago#8
bradmarchandfan posted...

The balls on this guy.
The lone authoritative voice in a world of biased hockey media.

User Info: RedAndroid

2 months ago#9

User Info: Jagr_68

2 months ago#10
Toews wins Bumsquadder MVP for the 15th year in a row.

New York Rangers [2004-2008]
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