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User Info: Freeney

1 month ago#11
Gamer_Z_2 posted...
Wow, that's an uninspired sweater...

It's literally just their standard sweater but gold instead of white/grey

The team's cool, but man are their sweater designers boring

Absolutely nothing gets by you huh?
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User Info: Collat

1 month ago#12
Yellow jerseys are getting a bit overused since they started letting teams use them for home jerseys.

Though it probably only bothers me because a lot of them are ugly. Like every one Nashville put out.

User Info: Conquerer

1 month ago#13
Those are great, I like em. Maybe kinda weird they use the same logo and design from what I can tell, just with swapped colours. But whatever.
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User Info: White Eagle

White Eagle
1 month ago#14

I was going to say I didn’t like them until I saw this with the shiny gold. I’ll reserve judgment until I see them in a game.
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User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
1 month ago#15
They're very extra.

But that's kind of Vegas' thing, so I'm ok with them.
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User Info: shotgunheadshot

1 month ago#16
I’m not a fan of gold, but if I did like gold then I’d like it.
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User Info: Gakk86

1 month ago#17
Wow, the shiny gold really changes them. We'll have to see how it works on the ice, of course.
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User Info: ktownslayer16

1 month ago#18
Fire Pierre Dorion

User Info: __starsnostars

1 month ago#19
Don't care for them.
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