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User Info: TheGreatDebate

1 month ago#1

"And above all things have fervent love for one another, for "love will cover a multitude of sins.""
I Peter 4:8

User Info: Horsehouse

1 month ago#2
But you Jamal Mayers Vegas third jersey today

User Info: PuckPropaganda

1 month ago#3
The lone authoritative voice in a world of biased hockey media.

User Info: Suikoden420

1 month ago#4
Piss jug yellow
Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakens - Carl Jung

User Info: kidpokerfan

1 month ago#5
So yellow it should be on The Simpsons.

User Info: Naysaspace

1 month ago#6
mustard tigers

User Info: Gamer_Z_2

1 month ago#7
Wow, that's an uninspired sweater...

It's literally just their standard sweater but gold instead of white/grey

The team's cool, but man are their sweater designers boring
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User Info: cubsnhawksfan77

1 month ago#8
Better than their grays tbh

User Info: Naysaspace

1 month ago#9
i like the greys, same with the Kings' thirds which are also grey. to each their own of course.

Yellow just feels like a played out main colour in the NHL. Vegas' white/greys were super unique for their time of release. These don't feel unique at all. Nashville has yellow and does it decently with the navy blue, Pittsburgh does it well with the black, but i'm just not a fan of this one.

However, show me the team on the ice then i'll make another judgement

User Info: Delicinq4

1 month ago#10
I like em. Very Vegas-y
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