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User Info: Jagr_68

4 weeks ago#21
Prediction = to the Aves for 6 years/10mil AAV
Reality = to the OIL for 8 years /12mil AAV
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User Info: Dunsworthy

4 weeks ago#22
Prediction: leafs for 7/$11mil. Their roster will be their top guys and everyone else at league minimum

User Info: ktownslayer16

4 weeks ago#23
Colorado will make a big offer I bet. They have an insane amount of cap room and need a guy like him.
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User Info: miracle whip

miracle whip
4 weeks ago#24
I was just perusing some stats out of curiousity and it turns out Pietrangelo takes way less PIM per game than most of his contemporaries. Chara, on the other hand, is off the charts compared to most dmen, taking over 4x PIM per game than Pietro.

PIM per game
1.25 Chara
1.11 Subban
1.07 Zadorov
0.83 Giordano
0.74 Trouba
0.73 Hedman
0.71 Letang
0.69 Edler
0.68 Weber
0.62 Burns & Ekman-Larsson
0.59 Seabrook & Hamhuis
0.57 Suter & Yandle
0.54 Keith
0.52 Rielly
0.48 Karlsson
0.42 Krug
0.41 McDonagh
0.37 Josi
0.36 Klingberg
0.34 Carlson
0.32 Jones
0.31 Pietrangelo

A selection of younger dmen, Heiskanen and Werenski are insanely low especially when you consider that most dmen put up their highest PIM in their earliest seasons. Heiskanen next Lidstrom tbh
0.51 Dahlin
0.42 Chabot
0.34 Provorov
0.32 Hughes
0.21 Makar
0.19 Werenski
0.18 Heiskanen
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Freeney

4 weeks ago#25
miracle whip posted...
He's coming to Ottawa to play for an elite franchise with his childhood hero Ron Hainsey

The 67’s?
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