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User Info: PuckPropaganda

3 months ago#41
I guess I’ll just keep both Blackhawks goalies now lol

C - Dylan Larkin
LW - Gabriel Landeskog
RW - Nikita Kucherov
D - Mark Giordano
D - Victor Hedman
G - Robin Lehner
G - Corey Crawford
U - Tomas Hertl
U - Ryan Johansen
U - Elias Pettersson
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User Info: Canadian Vampire

Canadian Vampire
2 months ago#43
@TheGreatDebate please confirm what leafer pointed out. That you meant Gourde and not Drouin.

And I'll go ahead and assume @Horsehouse listing Jordan Staal as his 11th keeper was also a mistake.
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User Info: TheGreatDebate

2 months ago#44
Yeah Gourde
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  3. *~*~* 2019 GHL Offseason *~*~*
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