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Hossa apparently allergic to his equipment; might enter LTIRetirement

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User Info: SinbadtheSailor

8 months ago#1
According to several sources, there is a legitimate possibility Hossa has played his final NHL game. (He could not be reached for comment. Neither could his agent, Ritch Winter. The Blackhawks declined to comment.) Apparently, he suffers from a serious allergic reaction to the equipment he wears.

The sources who confirmed the allergy stressed not to make fun of it, with one saying, “It’s only funny to anyone who’s never had it.” Details are sketchy, because no one would give full information, but the medication necessary to combat the allergy is potent enough that doctors wanted his blood tested every few weeks to make sure there were no major side effects.

That’s very serious stuff, and word is doctors worried about Hossa taking the medicine for extended periods of time.

I wonder how this could have happened?
But it would not come without controversy. The Blackhawks signed him to a 12-year, $63.3-million deal in 2009, which carries an annual average value of $5.275 million. It is, however, a back-diving contract, a structure that was heavily penalized in the 2013 CBA.

Hossa is scheduled to be paid $1 million during each of the next four seasons, meaning almost 94 per cent of his contract is already paid. If he were to retire now, the Blackhawks would be hit with what are called “cap recapture” penalties — $3.675 million off their club’s cap number from next season until 2020-21. For a team already facing a crunch, that’s a massive blow.

Unless he doesn’t retire. He simply goes on long-term injured reserve.

Opponents, who won’t want to see Chicago benefit, will be angry, but there is plenty of precedent. Philadelphia (and later Arizona) benefitted from using LTIR on Chris Pronger. Toronto stashed Joffrey Lupul and Stephane Robidas. The Blackhawks could argue Hossa is no different.

It's a mystery
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User Info: PStrife

8 months ago#2
Tell him to wear some organic equipment instead. They make that now, right??
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User Info: PK Man

PK Man
8 months ago#4
lol allergic to his own equipment, so suddenly he's allergic to cotton now??

User Info: PuckPropaganda

8 months ago#5
You can't make this s*** up.
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User Info: thasan20

8 months ago#6
This sounds like an Onion article.
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User Info: cubsnhawksfan77

8 months ago#7
This apparently does have some precedent with some dude from the 70s

Absolutely reeks of cap circumvention though

User Info: TheGreatDebate

8 months ago#8
It took a long time for that allergy to strike. Has he always used that equipment? Are there not any alternatives to the equipment he uses?

Find out next time on NHLZ
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User Info: Naysaspace

8 months ago#9
Not the first team to "circumvent" the cap this way. Im kind of shocked at the suddeness of it. HOF player for sure

User Info: MasterGakke

8 months ago#10
Yeah, seems like cap circumvention to me. I'm not gonna bash Hossa for having allergies, that s*** is real and it sucks. However, he's not some factory worker's 14 year old son who's stuck with bum equipment that gives him painful rashes. There's no reason for him not to work with the NHL's equipment rules people and some company to fashion some bespoke gear made of fibers that don't combine with sweat to f*** with his immune system. I doubt anyone is gonna complain if he's skating around in coconuts and kevlar next year so that he doesn't get nasty rashes.
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