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User Info: metalnation1984

4 years ago#1
So on Wikipedia, I've noticed that while the NFL has it's own page dedicated to lore, the NHL doesn't have an equivalent.

I'm thinking of starting one (or if any of you motivators wants to beat me to it, feel free. I have finals coming up, so I can't get to it right away anyway). It can work the same way as the NFL page-quick paragraphs on the lore, linking to an appropriate page (if it exists) regarding it.

Here is what I've thought up so far. I'm sure that not all instances will be considered noteworthy enough, but we can build off of this list.

So please think of lore from all over the league that would make a good part of this list. We definitely need more major brawls and epic goals. I'm thinking that tragedies MAY not belong? Give your recommendations as to what warrants inclusion in a potential article, and what doesn't.

This can also become a thread for discussing general NHL lore, even if not deemed eligible for an entry on the page. If we even create a page anyway.

NHL Lore
1919-Cup Finals cancelled-Spanish flu-Joe Hall dies
1920-January 10-highest-scoring NHL game ever-14-7 Habs over St. Pats
1920-January 31-Quebec's Joe Malone scores seven in a game-Record still stands today
1933-April 3-Bruins vs. Leafs-longest game ever
1936-March 24-Red Wings vs. Maroons-longest game ever...for real this time
1941-Toronto's ultimate comeback-'41 finals
1944-January 24-Most lopsided NHL game ever-15-0 Wings over Rangers
1944-Rocket Richard-first player to score 50 goals in 50 games
1950-Detroit vs. NYR-Game 7 Cup final OT-First Cup final game 7 to reach OT
1952-April 8-Rocket Richard scores the "most beautiful goal in the world"-Series winner against Boston
1952-Detroit-eight arms of the octopus-perfect playoff run
1954-Detroit vs. Montreal-Game 7 Cup final OT-Second and last Cup final game 7 to reach OT
1955-Richard Riot
1959-Plante covers his face
1970-The fabulous Bobby Orr and his flying Cup winning goal act
1975-Islanders' ultimate comeback
1976-Flyers vs. Red Army
1979-Too many men-Boston vs. Montreal-nuff said
1982-Miracle on Manchester-Edmonton vs. LA-nuff said
1984-Good Friday Massacre-Montreal vs. Quebec
1986-Monday Night Miracle-Blues vs. Flames
1987-Ron Hextall-first goalie to SCORE a goal (let alone just being credited with one)
1987-Easter Epic-NYI vs. Wash-nuff said
1987-Steve Smith's game seven own goal
1988-Mario Lemieux-5 goals 5 different ways
1988-"Have another donut"
1988-Dale Hunter-epic game 7 OT goal
1988-The Trade-Wayne Gretzky-nuff said
1991-March 17-St. Patrick's Day Massacre-Blues. vs. Blackhawks
1993-April 25-Blues sweep Blackhawks, Belfour goes crazy
1993-Fraser chokes on his whistle-Gretzky's high-sticking no-call
1993-Curse of McSorley's stick
1994-Messier guarantees a win, then scores natural hat trick
1994-MATTIEU MATTIEU MATTIEU-epic game 7 double OT goal
1996-Le Trade-Patrick Roy-nuff said
1996-Steve Yzerman-epic game 7 double OT goal
1997-Detroit-Colorado brawl
1999-No goal-nuff said
2002-Molson Miracle-Habs vs. Hurricanes
2002-Patrick Roy's Statue of Liberty pose
2004-Sens vs. Leafs Flu game-"Boo-hoo"
2007-Chris Phillips' Cup losing own goal in game 5 of the finals
2008-Vesa Toskala lets one in from 197ft
2010-Flyers' ultimate comeback
2012-Boston's game seven miracle against Toronto
2013-Rich Peverly's death and resurrection, and his request to be put back in to the game
2013-Kings' ultimate comeback

Should we consider McSorley's hit on Brashear? Bertuzzi's hit on Moore? Hunter on Turgeon? Stevens' on pretty much anyone he shared ice time with? Malarchuk's throat slashing?

User Info: cubsnhawksfan77

4 years ago#2
off the floor on the board

anderson's 51 save shutout in 2010 with xfd sharks scoring on themselves in OT Kane '16 Fight for Change

User Info: metalnation1984

4 years ago#3
Oops, Steve Smith's own goal was in 1986, not '87. And I need to learn how to spell Matteau's name.

User Info: metalnation1984

4 years ago#4
Sean Avery-Swatting the flies in front of Brodeur?
Sloppy seconds?

User Info: Suikoden420

4 years ago#5
Pretty cool idea, and a fun list to read.
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User Info: Damien747

4 years ago#6
1944 - Maurice Richard vs Bob Dill
1957 - Ted Lindsay and Doug Harvey form the NHLPA
1979 - Final WHA game played (Winnipeg vs Edmonton)
1993 - Gary Bettman hired as Commissioner
1993 - Teemu Selanne 76 goals in his rookie season
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User Info: Jamie_Benn

4 years ago#7
metalnation1984 posted...
1999-good goal-nuff said
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User Info: Zakumi

4 years ago#8
Actually it wasn't a goal under the rules of the time ;)
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User Info: bradmarchandfan

4 years ago#9
actually it was because the nhl snuck a memo in a week before

User Info: miracle whip

miracle whip
4 years ago#10
- Patrik Stefan incident
- drafting of Taro Tsujimoto
- girl who forgets anthem twice then falls down
- Doug Gilmour breaks glass from slamming penalty box door too hard, just sits there and acts like nothing happened
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