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YamaChan 2 months ago#291
Bloodychess posted...
but he's the GOAT bro, he is godlike,.

You telling us some rain and a little cold is gonna bring him down lmfao

Shut the f*** up
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(message deleted)
BanthaFodder 2 months ago#293
CADE FOSTER posted...
Jordon wasnt a filthy cheater

He was just a quitter
Johnny_Fish 2 months ago#294
YamaChan posted...
Shut the f*** up
Got any Blue Oyster Cult?
Sonixs 2 months ago#295
Imagine thinking Brady wasn't carried by Darth Bill.

They're literally playing the Imperial March in the background.
Bloodychess 2 months ago#296
YamaChan posted...
Shut the f*** up

Yama melting down because his idol can't handle some precipitation and a sneeze :'(
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X_Golgoth_X 2 months ago#297
...or C19
Spotlight on BanthaFodder: "John J. Geoghan taught me how to treat young men."
BanthaFodder 2 months ago#298

I thought you had your boy Ace on ignore? Your posts are coming in at a rapid pace all of a sudden
minatoReefer 2 months ago#299
BanthaFodder posted...
What is this post?
It is what it is
Keep thinking you know everything. Some people are so far behind in a race that they actually believe they're leading.
StarDestroyer 2 months ago#300
Get off my tv Brees
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