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  3. Tom Brady allegedly called Ed Reed the N-word

User Info: PennState

1 week ago#1
And black Twitter basically gave him a free pass without much criticism... Wow... 🤣
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User Info: FrozenBananas

1 week ago#2
Except he didn’t call him the n word
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User Info: Solution_45

1 week ago#3
There are only two genders.
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User Info: BilalPowell

1 week ago#4
Was it when he tried to drive his cleats into his neck while sliding?
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User Info: MarshawnLynch

1 week ago#5
Sorry, the only white football player with an N-word pass is Richie Incognito.
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User Info: andromedadude3

1 week ago#7
He actually said "They know you're my kryptonite and they've gotta bring you back."

Buttsage with another flopic.
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User Info: thrashmetal14

1 week ago#8
If he said it to Ed Reed and Ed Reed was cool with it then why does it matter?
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  3. Tom Brady allegedly called Ed Reed the N-word
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