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User Info: gohan100

1 month ago#1
Mike Tomlin confirmed today

User Info: EvalAngell

1 month ago#2
Retirement tyme
Perfectly balanced.
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User Info: BeantownHero

1 month ago#4

...he's really gonna outlast them all. That's f***ing wild

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User Info: EdwinBudding

1 month ago#5
Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the NFC North
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User Info: NikoIai

1 month ago#6
EvalAngell posted...
Retirement tyme

My guess is that they suck hard enough to get Tua Fromm or Herbert and then they trade Ben to the bears or broncos or something. Someone with a great defense and a closing window.

User Info: XXmiznatorXX

1 month ago#7
He might as well retire. He had a career.

User Info: ASAC_Schrader

1 month ago#8
Is this real

nvm yes it is

User Info: IGotIt4Cheap

1 month ago#9
Mason Rudolph time, I know he is hit or miss with people on this board but I think he has talent.
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User Info: NinjaWarrior455

1 month ago#10
Lmao the Stillers stuck with this guy as their future and not the two players that were the best at their positions.
f*** Pittsburgh.
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  3. Ben Roethlisberger out for the season
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