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User Info: DeAngeloRussell

1 month ago#21
---Devin--- posted...
DeAngeloRussell posted...
Since 2016 Rankings for wins in games that actually matter.

1. Brady: 2
2. Foles: 1
Tied for Last: Dak

Wentz playoff wins : 0

Dak : 1

Dak > Wentz

Lmao playoff wins

that's like counting Eastern Conference Finals appearances.

User Info: FarFromFields

1 month ago#22
Does this also mean that Jason Garrett is 2nd only to Bill Belichick?
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1 month ago#23
What about since 2017? Where’s he at if you take away that one fluke season?


User Info: omgbread

1 month ago#24
I did not realize that and it is kind of strange and confusing if true ... how is that even possible?

User Info: George_Sears

1 month ago#25
feudel posted...
BilalPowell posted...
Fake news. Brady has won 0 games.

Jets have played zero meaningful games

Super Bowl 3 was one of the most meaningful games of all time.

Since then, pretty much tho.
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