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User Info: Von_Miller

1 month ago#1
Pick your favorite poster - Results (65 votes)
AFC East: Devin (Patriots)
35.38% (23 votes)
AFC North: Heath (Steelers)
15.38% (10 votes)
AFC South: Maleek (Texans)
20% (13 votes)
AFC West: Von_Miller (Broncos)
29.23% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Welcome to the Conference Finals for the best fan/best player polls. For the next 2 topics, instead of posting your favorite poster, you will be voting for one the 4 representatives from that conference. The polls will be open for about a day or so. After we have the best fan Super Bowl (yay). Divisional results:

AFC East: Devin (Patriots)
AFC North: Heath (Steelers)
AFC South: Maleek (Texans)
AFC West: Von_Miller (Broncos)

NFC East: Troy (Cowboys)
NFC North: Tange (Packers)
NFC South: ghettorevival (Saints)
NFC West: senbo (49ers)



Previous Results:

Day 1 - New England Patriots:
Devin and Tom Brady

Day 2 - Los Angeles Rams:
SuperMilk8868 and Aaron Donald

Day 3 - New Orleans Saints:
ghettorevival and Drew Brees

Day 4 - Kansas City Chiefs:
Muffinz0rz and PatrickMahomes

Day 5 - Los Angeles Chargers:
SEA_ and Joey Bosa

Day 6 - Dallas Cowboys:
Troy and Ezekiel Elliot

Day 7 - Indianapolis Colts:
Freeney and Andrew Luck

Day 8 - Philadelphia Eagles:
James and Nick Foles

Day 9 - Chicago Bears:
Muscles and Khalil Mack

Day 10 - Houston Texans:
Maleek and DeAndre Hopkins

Day 11 - Baltimore Ravens:
Xeon_is_Back and CJ Mosley (lol)

Day 12 - Seattle Seahawks:
Fearless Frog and Bobby Wagner

Day 13 - Pittsburgh Steelers:
Heath and JuJu Smith-Schuster

Day 14 - Tennessee Titans:
Ghost and Derrick Henry

Day 15 - Minnesota Vikings:
Genesis Dragon and Adam Thielen

Day 16 - Cleveland Browns:
Paintball and Baker Mayfield

Day 17 - Carolina Panthers:
Zithers and Luke Kuechly

Day 18 - Washington Redskins:
koalabear9301 and Alex Smith (RIP)

Day 19 - Atlanta Falcons:
GeneralZhao and Julio Jones

Day 20 - Miami Dolphins:
CW_McGraw and Ryan Fitzpatrick

Day 21 - Green Bay Packers:
Tange and Aaron Rodgers

Day 22 - Cincinnati Bengals:
Odin and AJ Green

Day 23 - Denver Broncos:
Von_Miller and Von Miller

Day 24 - Buffalo Bills:
buffbillsfan12to83 and Frank Gore

Day 25 - Detroit Lions:
coffee7729 and Darius Slay

Day 26 - Jacksonville Jaguars:
Delirious_Beard and Nick Foles

Day 27 - New York Giants:
UnrealRage and Saquon Barkley

Day 28 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
gatorsPENSbucs and Mike Evans

Day 29 - Oakland Raiders:
Darren_McFadden and Vontaze Burfict

Day 30 - New York Jets:
knickyankeefan and Sam Darnold

Day 31 - San Francisco 49ers
senbo and George Kittle

Day 32 - Arizona Cardinals
DeathVelvien and Larry Fitzgerald

User Info: Flacco

1 month ago#2
Last topic please put my vote in for fearless frog
BeAsT MoDe: [ON] OFF

User Info: _Deuce_

1 month ago#3
Shamrock or Devin, I can’t vote. Too hard.
The New Orleans Saints intentionally injured NFLb's feelings in the 2009-2010 NFC Championship Game.

User Info: CashMurray

1 month ago#4
Getting Cash in a Hurry

User Info: DeadSite

1 month ago#5

User Info: CashMurray

1 month ago#6
We are all heath
Getting Cash in a Hurry

User Info: DeadSite

1 month ago#7
woah all tied at 4

User Info: PlsGodDontBanMe

1 month ago#8
Dev or sham
PBRJax: Browns Baby

User Info: PatrickMahomes

1 month ago#9
literally no good
MVP Tracker: 1-0

User Info: HeeathLivesOn

1 month ago#10
'Just sitting around the house tonight w my dog. Felt like I should be doing something important, but couldn't put my finger on it.' - Phil Kessel on USA snub
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