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User Info: FrankGoreHOF

1 month ago#321
If we start 2-0 we are making the playoffs

Anything less and I think we miss

User Info: mcbaes72

1 month ago#322
The Kicker who withdrew his contract request, threatened to not sign Franchise Tag, skipped off-season workouts, hinted many times that he's leaving, and complained to media... finally agrees to a contract extension with first two years fully guaranteed. Wow!

I'm happy he finally decided to stay. But he should have handled contract negotiations better!
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User Info: CourtofOwls

1 month ago#323
JohnMafia posted...
Is he no longer a b**** now or do we continue hating him?

well he was being a b**** by not signing
he signed so is no longer being a b****
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User Info: MattSFfrd

1 month ago#324
Ranzoh posted...
My record predictions for the 49ers:

Buccaneers: I see this as a surprise game where the Bucs might give the 49ers a run for their money since they got Bruce Arians as coach. But they didn't make a lot of other trades this year because of their lack of cap space. I say this all depends on Arians.

Bengals: I see this as a win. The team is currently rebuilding and they got a new coaching staff so.

Steelers: This is gonna be a tough game. People say we will lose and I can see that even though they lost a key player in Antonio Brown, they still got weapons and TJ Watt. But people forget we've had Jason Verrett covering Antonio Brown pretty well, and we're replacing Jimmie Ward, but that's a question mark.

Browns: Might be another tough game. They got some new great players on that team with a great receiving core. People say we're going to likely win this game, I'm not sure why though, but I say it will probably be our defense and matching offense in terms of QBs.

Rams: Another tough game, but the Rams has an RB in Todd Gurley who's not 110% or even 100%. They might still win even with the Super Bowl hangover, but will see if they regress just a tad for the 49ers to win 1 or 2 games against them.

Redskins: This is a question mark, as we don't know how good Haskins is. A lot of people say he's real good though, but I say our defense and offense comes through.

Panthers: Doesn't seem like they made much improvements over the draft and free agency. I see this as a possible win.

Cardinals: Question marks surrounding the new coach and the new quarterback. Might give us some trouble but I see us possibly winning even though they beat us with Rosen last year.

Seahawks: I see this as a team that lost some key players and has some new talent on the team. But it seems like they're rebuilding even after surprising us with a playoff berth last year.

Packers: New coaching staff as well and some new players. I don't know why people say we'll lose to the Packers, but they have proven to be tough opponents except for last year.

Ravens: A lot of people say we're also going to lose to the Ravens, but I just don't see Lamar Jackson out-QBing Garropolo, he just runs too much, unless they'll be training in to be more in the pocket, but even then he has to get pass our pass rush, and I won't even neglect the rush defense that we potentially have.

Saints: Saints are a proven team. I don't see us possibly winning this one.

Falcons: I see us as possibly winning this one as the team has lost some players and are in a rebuilding process.

That's my sorry predictions for the 49ers. I think we are in a post-rebuilding process for the 49ers with most of the pieces in place. I think we have a shot for the playoffs at least or close to it. Maybe not this year but the years to come.


User Info: abaddon41_80

1 month ago#325
Easy 19-0.

User Info: Razorskin

4 weeks ago#326
JohnMafia posted...
Is he no longer a b**** now or do we continue hating him?

Eh. He was playing the negotiating game trying to get more money before he retires. Dude knows he'll be sitting on a couch thinking about whether or not to mow the lawn today by the age of 44. I can't fault him for that.
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User Info: -______-

4 weeks ago#327
MattSFfrd posted...

abaddon41_80 posted...
Easy 19-0.

User Info: Big_Gold

4 weeks ago#328

User Info: CourtofOwls

4 weeks ago#329
Here's a fun 49ers draft fact:

There are more members of the 49ers 2005 draft class still in the league (2), than there are members of their 2012 draft class (1).
"Are you a replican or a replicant?" - Rick Deckard, Blade Runner, 1982

User Info: TheGoldenState

4 weeks ago#330
Frank Gore HOF
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