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User Info: ozzyman314

1 month ago#1
Benny’s coming home!
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User Info: FrozenBananas

1 month ago#2
Welcome home baby 😍
on your left...

User Info: TreyFlowers

1 month ago#3
Old man's club
Tom Brady objectively has six rings.

User Info: 1NfamousACE_2

1 month ago#4
minicamp retirement casualty incoming
New signature needed, acquire within from management

User Info: SOAD5657

1 month ago#5
Every time I hear this guys name, my immediate reaction is "he's still playing?"
GET a load of THIS!!!!!

User Info: BanthaFodder

1 month ago#6
TreyFlowers posted...
Old man's club

If Brady throws a td pass to him it will be a new record for oldest combined age for a td pass breaking the record held by Testaverde and Christian Fauria
New Ringland Sixtriots 2018 Superbowl Champions

User Info: ASAC_Schrader

1 month ago#7
Big if true

User Info: TundraKing87

1 month ago#8
I doubt he sticks into the regular season, but he offers more than Anderson and ASJ do, ancient ass and achilles injury history be damned.

User Info: J E S U S

1 month ago#9
He’s gonna be a good #2 TE next to gronk in week 10
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