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buffbillsfan12to83 2 months ago#1
2018 1st rd QBs
2019 1st round DTs

Who we all picking next year? Maybe LB?

It's common knowledge that Darnold and Allen are BFFs. Hope Rosen isn't a little b**** and will join the fraternity in the fight to end Brady.

User Info: SquantoZ

2 months ago#2
Jets and Dolphins fan here. Glad no Pats fans are here. I don't want to hear them boast about how badly Tom Brady and his sith are going to ravage our butts as usual this coming season.

We're all trash teams after all. Pats are just too God. I think I'll just go bandwagon them now.
How can you have an AFC East topic without the AFC East?
In Brady We Trust.
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User Info: thronedfire2

2 months ago#4
I’m sure the race for 2nd place on the east will be close this year
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User Info: BilalPowell

2 months ago#5
We're getting WRs next year.
Former #1 Birmingham Iron Fan. RIP AAF

User Info: Dathrowed1

1 month ago#6
Ha! The AFC East is 3 top 10 QBs from 2018 vs. Tom Brady


1 month ago#7
Should have said no bandwagoners cuz thats all the pats fanbase no real pats fans

User Info: BilalPowell

1 month ago#8
Bandwagoners is too nice a term for pats fans. At least most bandwagoners dont support rape, murder and slavery.
Former #1 Birmingham Iron Fan. RIP AAF

User Info: 1NfamousACE_2

1 month ago#9
4 days...8 posts

That's how trash the AFC East is without the Patriots
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User Info: Knickyankeefans

1 month ago#10
Will not change sig until Yankees acquire an all star
Started 1/14/19
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