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User Info: Razorskin

4 weeks ago#191
Yeah, they NEED to go WR on 36th. I'd be good with Harry, Brown or maybe even Deebo Samuel.
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User Info: MattSFfrd

4 weeks ago#192
cancerquake posted...
u can sign good dbs off the street

u cant sign good edge dl off the street


User Info: DirtyRoller

4 weeks ago#193
I am really really hoping that AJ Brown falls out of the 1st round. If he is still there tomorrow we need to trade up to 33 to get him.
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User Info: MattSFfrd

4 weeks ago#194
I think we can get a very good wr or cb at that pick regardless, but I would love to get him.

User Info: cancerquake

4 weeks ago#195
i would've thrown my computer at my tv if the 49ers drafted a literal db #2 overall

User Info: Big_Gold

4 weeks ago#196
I'm estatic. Now give me Deebo tomorrow night.

User Info: TallWhiteNinja

4 weeks ago#197
Mission accomplished
Samus main 4 lyf (Marth and Robin are fun, too)

User Info: CourtofOwls

4 weeks ago#198
press conference summary...

bosa is 100% healthy
gould is 100% not being traded
they say thomas isn't being traded either
lynch got a call on the clock but declined whatever the trade offer was because he wanted bosa
liked bosa and quinnen equally but needed bosa more
he'll be a 3 down player
bosa misses playing football and said "it's impossible to double team all of us"
wanted to come here
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User Info: Tim_Seraphim

4 weeks ago#199
This is a damn fine start. I doubted the Cardinals would fulfill my dreams and take a QB again. Bosa bless.
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User Info: dmckee120484

4 weeks ago#200
I'm satisfied with the entire draft now. The rest of this is gravy.
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