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User Info: Muscles

1 month ago#1
Instead of fighting for his morals he took a bunch of money instead
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User Info: ClayGuida

1 month ago#2

You are wrong.

User Info: InnerTubeHero

1 month ago#3
Larry Johnson seems to agree.
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User Info: Myst2

1 month ago#4
soldout to nike and sucked a minuscule amount out of the nfl

User Info: EmanOn4life

1 month ago#5
When did he stop fighting? When have YOU fought? Shut your lame ass up

User Info: FrisbeeDude

1 month ago#6
ClayGuida posted...

You are wrong.
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User Info: Darth Gecko

Darth Gecko
1 month ago#7
Lots of salty hillbillies coming out of the woodwork today.
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User Info: Conker

1 month ago#8
ClayGuida posted...

You are wrong.

She blatantly ignores the fact that you can have more than one cause and ignorant tools ate that s*** up.

The cause for the case was his lack of employment based on collusion against him. That originated from another cause (being against racial inequality and police brutality).

He took the money to end his current cause of exposing the NFL owners for colluding.

That was now his cause for the case.
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User Info: EmanOn4life

1 month ago#9
Nah, that's YOUR perspective, not can't change Kaep's narrative.

User Info: sobergermanguy

1 month ago#10
Will Cain and his followers seem to agree
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