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  3. Approaching 4 years, do you agree with the XP change.

User Info: DarkEspeon996

4 weeks ago#1
Making a 32 yard kick when going for the extra point - Results (133 votes)
83.46% (111 votes)
16.54% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think overall this is the good change.
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User Info: My_Unit

4 weeks ago#2
Yes. Its no longer mostly automatic.

User Info: DeadCellReborn

4 weeks ago#3
no question, yes
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User Info: Muscles

4 weeks ago#4
No, it ruined kickers mentally for some reason
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User Info: nEoQuIcKsiLvEr

4 weeks ago#5
Yes, it forces your team to find a good kicker that won't f*** it up. Before that, they could've coasted on making gimme Xp's and look semi-decent only to falter down the line when it mattered most.

User Info: gohan100

4 weeks ago#6
Muscles posted...
No, it ruined kickers mentally for some reason

They'll adjust

User Info: TheBloodyChamp

4 weeks ago#7
No, a missed XP is no longer an epic event. It’s alot of things in the game that aren’t epic anymore in a nutshell.
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User Info: MrDrMan

4 weeks ago#8
Yes. The XP before was a waste of time. It was basically automatic. The way it is now at least it’s interesting.

I will say yes before watching a miss was more epic. That’s because they never happened though and that’s why nobody watched them before.
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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

4 weeks ago#9
Absolutely yes.

When I was a little kid, I once asked the adults "Why didn't they just make the touchdown 7 points? Nobody misses the XP anyway, it's stupid. Why not make it 7 points and the 2-point conversion a choice on whether to do a 1-point gamble or not?" Nobody was able to answer my query, besides lame "but... it's the rules..." sort of responses.

Now, there's a reason to bother kicking XPs at all.
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User Info: jordan629

4 weeks ago#10
It’s absolutely f***ed with kickers overall game. But they simply need to get better. I’ve come around to it, yes.
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  3. Approaching 4 years, do you agree with the XP change.
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