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  3. How do nfl contracts work?

User Info: JamesOwnzMaz

3 months ago#1
For example.. I read going into this season Rodgers had two seasons left on his current deal? Yet was still able to sign an extension and get paid for it already with 80 million of it coming in March?

When it comes to guaranteed money that is just cut protection right?
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User Info: ClayGuida

3 months ago#2
Basically guaranteed money is a signing bonus

User Info: KiwiTerraRizing

3 months ago#3
Most contracts are back loaded with salary, it’s why most guys never play out the final year of a non rookie contract without getting a new deal. Either they get released or restructured.

The signing bonus is guaranteed and paid up front but gets spread out over the contract for cap purposes. Unless you release or trade the player, then the remaining bonus comes due the next year on the cap.

So Rodgers has the end contract salary plus the bonus from his new contract.
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  3. How do nfl contracts work?
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