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User Info: CW_McGraw

4 months ago#1
Is Philip Rivers a Hall of Famer? - Results (148 votes)
50.68% (75 votes)
49.32% (73 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Previous Results
Dwight Freeney - Yes: 55-8 (87.3%)
Devin Hester - Yes: 60-28 (68.18%)
Jason Peters - Yes: 37-19 (66.07%)
James Harrison - Yes: 46-39 (54.12%)
Richard Sherman - No: 49-62 (44.14%)
Simeon Rice - No: 14-29 (32.56%)
LeSean McCoy - No: 10-88 (10.2%)

Career Accolades
7x Pro Bowl
355 career TD passes (6th all time)
51843 career passing yards (8th all time)
6666 career pass attempts (12th all time)
4293 career pass completions (8th all time)
95.4 career passer rating (8th all time)
64.4 career completion percentage (9th all time)
7.8 career yards per attempt (tied for 10th all time)

I don't think he'll get in. His consistency is admirable, but some random scrub who's never heard from again like Matt Schaub has a season comparable to a typical Rivers year just about every season. I think the voters aren't gonna put a lot of weight in post 2008ish numbers. At least I don't. Matt Stafford has a 5000 yard season for f***'s sake. I like Rivers, but his numbers aren't so much better than his peers that he should just assumed to be in.

User Info: MarvAlbert

4 months ago#2
lol no.

He is a good QB tho.
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User Info: bvillebro

4 months ago#3
If you think about it, he hasnt really done anything in a decade that would improve his chances. And i like the guy, but

-No MVPs
-No record setting seasons or signature performances
-No Rings and hardly any playoff success
-Constantly overshadowed by two other HoF QBs in the conference, and later in his own division
-Shockingly, hes never made an all pro team. Not even a 2nd team

He will no doubt get continued mentions as this generations Dan Fouts. He will always be tied to the Canton bound Eli/Ben, who i ultimately think he was a better QB than.

Many will forget the dark ages where Philip was just about all they had in San Diego/Los Angelas. But at the same time, they squandered too many years where they had some of the most loaded rosters around. And the last few years they havent even been able to claim the west despite the Broncos falling off.

I cant see it happening for Philip. He will be the modern generation definition of Hall of Very Good
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User Info: CashMurray

4 months ago#4
Not without a ring.
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User Info: Krow_Incarnate

4 months ago#5
He might get in just for being in that draft class, but without at least one ring, I'd say he doesn't make it.

If he gets that ring though, he's a for sure 100% lock.
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User Info: SuperMilk8868

4 months ago#6
No, he's not getting in unless something changes. No SB rings, no MVPs, never the best guy in the league or even his conference. No records of any note. It's arguable that the best team he ever had was better than the best team either Ben or Eli had throughout their careers, yet he couldn't even turn that into a SB appearance. FFS he has less AFC championship appearances than the other two have rings.

You can't even say he's this generations Dan Marino because he's not outclassing the rest of the league or setting records. He has lead the league in interceptions more times than hes lead the league in either yards or TDs.

Great QB, doesn't belong in the hall unless he Elways his way into a SB or two.

User Info: Ludacris01

4 months ago#7
No. Needs a ring.
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User Info: magemaximus

4 months ago#8
hall of fame for baby making
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User Info: Delirious_Beard

4 months ago#9
should be
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User Info: MrAntike184

4 months ago#10
This board is stupid
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