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  3. Gruden calls out Carr for questionable decision making

User Info: DeadSite

5 months ago#1

“You look at the film we had him open — wide open — deep, we didn’t go there,” Gruden told reporters on Wednesday. “He was open a couple times, and for whatever reason, we didn’t go that route.”

For whatever reason, we didn’t go that route.

The only person within the scope of the “we” in that example is Carr, the he who had the ball in his hands and the decision in his discretion as to whether to throw it to Cooper or to someone else. So when Gruden says “we” didn’t go there, he means Carr didn’t go there. And the phrase “for whatever reason” can be regarded as an expression of bewilderment or exasperation regarding Carr’s decision-making process.


User Info: ozzyman314

5 months ago#2
Timeto trade him to Denver for a 2020 4th round pick & 2021 6th round pick.
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User Info: hypersonic2000

5 months ago#3
his career trajectory is going alongside his brother now.
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User Info: Rage of Thor

Rage of Thor
5 months ago#4
Pot, meet kettle
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User Info: BreakevenCloud

5 months ago#5
“AJ will be taking 1st team reps this week”
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User Info: Flamazide

5 months ago#6
Cooper used to drop a lot of passes. There was a time where Cooper was the guy Carr would go and then Cooper just dropped EVERYTHING for no reason and he went to Crabtree instead. This seems to be more about Carr not trusting Cooper anymore in situations.
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User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
5 months ago#7
Oh Skunk was in that room. hehe..

As for Derek, I recalled he had sore shoulder that may explain why he didn't threw deep passes. He did threw 3 ints ,so he probably didn't want to make more mistakes that's why he opted for safe routes that he can throw to.
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User Info: IWantANewKlug

5 months ago#8
He's gonna trade him. It's happening :Peezy:

User Info: The_Great_Juan

5 months ago#9
Ah the ole Chip Kelly “my game plan is fine it’s the players who aren’t executing” excuse

User Info: BilalPowell

5 months ago#10
Trade Carr for Bradford.
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  3. Gruden calls out Carr for questionable decision making
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