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User Info: CashMurray

6 months ago#1
That went well
Getting Cash in a Hurry

User Info: Link165

6 months ago#2
That sucks.
Link165 basically just won.-Neosporin_v2
CEnco de mayo(5/5/07)

User Info: Saquon-26

6 months ago#3
This makes me feel sad.

He will recover quickly. It would have been worse to have this type of injury later in the season. He will have a full year before the 2019 season.

Very unfortunate, but it helps to look at the bright side.

User Info: koalabear9301

6 months ago#4
Washington Capitals: 2018 Stanley Cup Champions

User Info: Darkstar00

6 months ago#5
I cant even say lolskins cause damn, what rotten luck.
"I'll chisel your gravestone,sleep well!"-Wolfgang Krauser

User Info: Teen Girl Squad

Teen Girl Squad
6 months ago#6
That really sucks for him and everyone who isn't Dan Synder. LOL Dan Synder.
"Rest of league playing checkers, Chargers playing E-Sports." Drug_Smoker.

User Info: The Admiral

The Admiral
6 months ago#7
- The Admiral

User Info: RandyMoss84

6 months ago#8
Legendary First Ballot Hall of Famer out of Marshall University
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User Info: BudDupree48

6 months ago#10
Was it at fed ex field. That place is a disgrace
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