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  3. ls Dez being blackballed?

User Info: Muffinz0rz

7 months ago#1
Not removing this until Pat Benatar is in Super Smash Bros. (Started 8/31/2010)
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User Info: DavidWong

7 months ago#2
dude should've taken the Ravens deal

I'm sure he'll get signed in preseason though when someone gets injured
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User Info: Dathrowed1

7 months ago#3
Kaepernick is blackballed:

User Info: RyanBraun8

7 months ago#4
More like blueballed.
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User Info: TheGoldenState

7 months ago#5
yea, for being a bad player, an idiot, and a distraction

sounds familiar
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User Info: Ya_dun_goofed

7 months ago#6
No, he'll play this season when he stops being unrealistic with his contract demands. He shouldn't be expecting a team to risk a one year contract on him, he wants a team to take all the risk of him busting with out any upside for the team that took the risk. If he "proves" himself then he gets to demand a fat contract or go to another team, that's a s*** deal for the team that hires him.

Dathrowed1 posted...
Kaepernick is blackballed:

And still better than half the ass wipes playing in the League today.
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User Info: Krow_Incarnate

7 months ago#7
He might be, but he's also legitimate garbage.
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User Info: SavenForever

7 months ago#8

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

7 months ago#9
He might not have been signed as of yet as teams may consider him to be washed up. Maybe a key injury might get someone to take a flyer on him,

User Info: theAteam

7 months ago#10
Blackballed for being a s***ty teammate.
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  3. ls Dez being blackballed?
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