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Imagine letting a Vice Sports article shred your team apart this bad...

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  3. Imagine letting a Vice Sports article shred your team apart this bad...

User Info: Dathrowed1

7 months ago#11
Imagine reading Vice Sports

User Info: LeSean_McTroy

7 months ago#12
But yeah, they were a dynasty from 00-04, and that is subject to heavy allegations. It's a joke to consider them a dynasty in this current iteration.

User Info: DiegoSanchez206

7 months ago#13
ozzyman314 posted...
Von_Miller posted...
Delirious_Beard posted...
not reading that garbage
Down goes Ohio State!

User Info: bladegash

7 months ago#14
LeSean_McTroy posted...
Maccabeus posted...
LeSean_McTroy posted...

They didn't read it tho, lmao.

Nobody posts that they wont read it, unless they already read it.

trust me, on this board, there is no reading.

I believe it
Snappin necks & Cashin checks

User Info: FrankGoreHOF

7 months ago#15
All accurate

User Info: LeSean_McTroy

7 months ago#16
But lmao @ this literary picture

a quarterback who drinks bean juice, sleeps in magic pajamas,

But here. Smaller chunks make reading possible at NFLB.

Brady is a 40-year-old, vacant-brained dips*** who supported a white supremacist for president and spends his downtime trying to sell magic potion to people who don’t know any better. If anyone in the mainstream media had any balls, they’d call him out for being the scumbag idiot he is. f*** him and the a****** owner who let Jimmy Garropolo go to the 49ers for peanuts. The Patriots will eat s*** for decades, and the rest of us should prepare to enjoy every second of it because we’ve earned it.

^emo-ness aside as dude up top pointed out, p spot on.

User Info: TheFuzz3451

7 months ago#17
Trading jimmy g for a 2nd round pick will haunt the pariots for years
You're only as sick as your secrets, but the truth shall set you free.
The truth is the truth, so all you can do is live with it.

User Info: -______-

7 months ago#18
tl;dr cheating tom fumble loses the game lol!!!!!!!

User Info: ClayGuida

7 months ago#19

User Info: Xeon_Is_Back

7 months ago#20
Maccabeus posted...
A literal "what-company-is-that", nobody-tier, scrub dumpling ass reporter & Giants fan dismantling the Patriots, limb by limb.

Have you really never heard of Vice news?
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  3. Imagine letting a Vice Sports article shred your team apart this bad...

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