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User Info: Sportsaholic

1 year ago#11
_PandaMaster_ posted...
Santana Moss is a Hall of Famer now?

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User Info: enigma777

1 year ago#12
I would've preferred Walls over Urlacher, but at the same time can't really argue with this class. All of them deserve it.
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User Info: Red 6

Red 6
1 year ago#13
Dawkins is literally the only Philly player that I wish would have won an Owl. Their fans all deserve to burn in hell and never win anything, but that dude was the man.

User Info: Xeon_Is_Back

1 year ago#14
My man B-Dawk
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User Info: MarvAlbert

1 year ago#15
Great picks
#1 Sportscaster!

User Info: DW4fReAk31

1 year ago#16
Fantastic class, Owens should of been a first ballot hofer but whatever
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User Info: -______-

1 year ago#17
TheGoldenState posted...
to should go up there and piss on the jacket and podium

User Info: Mr_Biscuit

1 year ago#18
Kenny_Mayne posted...
Good to see urlacher got in despite of nflb's wishes

NFLB is just weird about that stuff. Calling Urlacher a “pile jumper” when his tackling/sacking was (while still good) literally not at all what he did to become an all-timer. It was his complete and utter insane understanding of diagnosing plays, the ultimate field general, and how sneaky deadly he was in coverage if you dared to test him.

User Info: FairMod

1 year ago#19
Sportsaholic posted...
It's a shame that it took 3 tries for TO

TO and Moss are forever tied together. They are both first ballot quality. Yes, TO got screwed. But to think of it, TO stopped playing earlier tha n Moss. If they played their last season together, we wouldn't have this TO controversy last two years.
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User Info: Evieholly13

1 year ago#20
Why is murderer lewis in but not gambler rose. Halls are joke
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