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What loss killed you the most as a fan?

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User Info: Evieholly13

4 months ago#51

User Info: RySenkari

4 months ago#52
1996 AFC Championship Game, when we lost to the Steelers because Aaron Bailey couldn't close his arms around the goddamn ball. That was the first year I followed the Colts, I was in third grade, and I'm not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby the rest of the night.

2006 divisional game, also against the Steelers. By that time I was beginning to think that the Colts were never ever going to win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLIV, against the Saints. As soon as they got that onside kick I knew we were in trouble. We already had one Super Bowl, so it didn't hurt as bad as it could have, but it still sucked.
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User Info: ShadowMan033

4 months ago#53
2011 Divisional Round @ San Francisco

Had we won, we would have mollywhopped the Giants at home and beaten New England in the Super Bowl. We were too good for both of them to try and defend us.
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User Info: Sportsaholic

4 months ago#54
Honorable mention to the Titans and their stupid laterals
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User Info: Mr_Biscuit

4 months ago#55
I will literally never forget the game where

-Seahawks were trailing us at Soldier Field
-they start marching down the field
-on that drive, Brian Urlacher suffers a career ending injury
-Seahawks take the lead
-with 15 seconds left, BMarsh catches a Cutler Hail Mary
-Robbie kicks a tying FG to force OT
-Seahawks win the toss and drive right down the field again, game over

Ripped my heart out twice and killed Urlacher

User Info: TheBloodyChamp

4 months ago#56
My second and third choices are Wide Right and Wide Right II from college. Ironically, number 4 would be the 1989 season opener against Southern Miss. That's number 4, and the quarterback wore number 4, and nobody knew he was going to be the GOAT.
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User Info: McDonaldzzz

4 months ago#57
2014 NFC championship
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User Info: Big_Nabendu

4 months ago#58
The Seahawks shock the defending Super Bowl champions, 41-36, in an NFC Wild Card showdown
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User Info: InnerTubeHero

4 months ago#59
mew4ever posted...
afc championship game against Pitt.

Beat Indy in the wild card to avenge last year's afc championship game

Beat Brady and the Pats in the divisional, in a year that might be Brady's best season aside from 07 and a year everyone thought it was a lock that they would go to the super bowl. Also avenged a 45-3 loss to the pats from like 3 weeks ago.

Pitt goes on a 24-0 run to start the game. We mount a comeback and shut Pitt out in the second half, but it falls short as we can't score near the goal line in the 4th quarter and can't get a stop on the final drive.

That game hurt so much. I thought it was written in the stars for that jets team to win it all.

This. f***ing Sanchez...

Doug Brien game is a close second.
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

4 months ago#60
The past 10yrs for a jags fan kinda classes as one big loss.
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