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Which AFC team will grab the #6 seed?

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User Info: Maeiv

3 months ago#11
TheBloodyChamp posted...
The Chargers are the team that's not going to quit because of Rivers no matter how bad it gets, but I don't think that will do it. Gosh knows it hasn't over the years (since Marty for heck's sake).

So I say the Dolphins. They looked this bad pretty late last year and made it.

If the Dolphins make it then the AFC should just disband
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User Info: BudDupree48

3 months ago#12
Chargers might win the division tbh

User Info: Vegeta1000

3 months ago#13
karmew32 posted...
The Ravens. They're the most battle-tested of those teams. They'll also advance to the divisional round, whether they play the Chiefs or the AFC South champion.

Beating the Jags is far from a given. They were nearly shut out by them earlier in the season.
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User Info: TheBloodyChamp

3 months ago#14
Is an AFC team having a Favre moment? Like sucking bad for the last few weeks then being ready for the playoffs? It's not like it's week 14 though...ugh
Only an idiot actually believes it was a legitimate claim - Deuce

User Info: BilalPowell

3 months ago#15
BudDupree48 posted...
Chargers might win the division tbh
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  3. Which AFC team will grab the #6 seed?

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