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User Info: Phantom36

4 years ago#1
What the hell are the chances that drive ends with you punting the ball away? o.O
The Phantom has spoken!

User Info: Chad-Henne

4 years ago#2


User Info: Phantom36

4 years ago#3
I ask the question because that exact thing happened to the Falcons when it was 28-20.

Hell they coulda taken 3 knees and kicked a field goal, and it would have been a better idea than to drop back for a pass play.
The Phantom has spoken!

User Info: gohan100

4 years ago#4
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User Info: DeadCellReborn

4 years ago#5
That's not hindsight
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User Info: TheBloodyChamp

4 years ago#6
It was so bad that Malcolm Butler, who wasn't just the benefactor of the then worst call in SB history, but that with the same team is just another guy now.
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User Info: kaii23

4 years ago#7
That's either the worst display of play calling in super bowl history or deliberate self sabotage. The game was essentially over if they simply kicked the 35 yard field goal. A chip shot for Matt Bryant. They did everything that they could to lose that game.
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User Info: OfficerRoche

4 years ago#8
Falcons were trying to score a touchdown to nail the game down. Not hard to understand. It failed because their offense had been off the field the whole second half and never got a rhythm going. NE's defense was aa fresh as Atlanta's was exhausted.

Brady was obviously red hot and Atlanta's defense was gassed. Even if you disagree with the call it's dumb to say trying to keep the ball out of Brady's hands and lock the game up was inexplicable.

Had they gone rushed it 3 times and kicked the field goal and the Pats came back anyway you'd be calling them idiots for playing conservatively against Belichick

User Info: ANation

4 years ago#9
Teams seem to be more prone to making mental errors when playing the Patriots.
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User Info: Knickyankeefans

4 years ago#10

We throw a pick
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  3. If you have a 1st down on your opponent's 22-yard line...
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