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  3. Who in the NBA just goes off against your team?

User Info: Lawlfulcoptors1

1 week ago#1
The Thunder.... LaMarcus f’ing Aldridge everything that man throws up is money against us.

edit:also Andrew Wiggins for whatever reason.
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User Info: MertensCW

1 week ago#2
Sixers - Booker, Westbrook*, Trae, though contained him last time.

Might be forgetting someone else. oh yea Baynes. Dude never misses a 3 vs Sixers.
* Fueled by Embiid's trash talking.
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User Info: Lone_Dino

1 week ago#3
JJ Reddick for the Nets. It started back when he was on the Clippers. Now it seems to be continuing with the Pelicans.
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User Info: crayola555

1 week ago#4
Back when Joe Johnson was playing, him on Celtics. Don't know why but was scared everytime he plays against us, he just seem to hit clutch shots every game.
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User Info: BudDupree48

1 week ago#5
James B

User Info: KaiSing SM

KaiSing SM
1 week ago#6
Quick athletic point guards
Blazers in Portland

User Info: defiD24

1 week ago#7
Also to add to Lakers - NBA bottom rotation players or journeymen
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User Info: Freeney

1 week ago#8
Raptors: Jimmy Butler
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

1 week ago#9
No one


Because our team was stolen from us :'(
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User Info: Vol2tex

1 week ago#10
Remember when the Lakers would always go all out against the Warriors and blow them out by 20+ at least once a year?
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  3. Who in the NBA just goes off against your team?
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