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  3. AD says Boston was never "not" on his list

User Info: livetime5

4 weeks ago#1
Yeah he’s going there now, demps sacrificed himself
Also sorry for weirdly worded title
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User Info: Blade-wolf

4 weeks ago#2
So a Kyrie team up is in play?

User Info: ozzyman314

4 weeks ago#3
As if we needed any more proof Rich Paul was a dirty Piece of s***.

f***wad needs to be banned from representing any NBA player.
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4 weeks ago#4
Blade-wolf posted...
So a Kyrie team up is in play?

Ainge gonna pay that price for a maybe from AD

User Info: Returning_CEmen

4 weeks ago#5
Another injury prone max contract guy

User Info: cancerquake

4 weeks ago#6
still not going to the celtics because ainge doesn't like giving up actual assets

User Info: __poi_____

4 weeks ago#7
Lakers whiff Kawaii, George, and Davis. There is no way Kyrie wants to play with Lebron as well. So their only hope is if LeBron can successfully bully Durant into joining the team against his wishes.
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User Info: DippinSauce

4 weeks ago#8
You guys are pretty naive if you believe his all 29 teams are on my list BS

User Info: Tel_Fry_733T

4 weeks ago#9
Durant and Kyrie should sign with the Pels just to lol Davis.

User Info: FinalFantasyVII

4 weeks ago#10
Pardon us AD for thinking your father was a reputable source.
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  3. AD says Boston was never "not" on his list
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