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  3. Remember when Jordan's team went 55-27 the season without him?

User Info: HOTJaVaLaVa

8 months ago#1
Remember when Cleveland went 19-63 the season after LeBron left for Miami?

Remember when Miami went 37-45 the season after LeBron went back to Cleveland?

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User Info: Juloping

8 months ago#2
Remember how Jordan is the goat? Remember how Lbron has 5 finals losses?
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User Info: Hoe

8 months ago#3
Juloping posted...
Remember how Jordan was the goat

Yeah I remembered. Till LeBron took that title from him. 💥
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User Info: Oakland510_

8 months ago#5
remember when Leb**** was a b****?

User Info: Johnny_Fish

8 months ago#6
A 6th round journeyman took MJ's place in the starting line-up. Played like 80gms and the Bulls still only won 2 less games than the previous season.

User Info: Kosmo

8 months ago#7
The main difference is the Bulls stopped being able to farm easy championships until he returned, and the Cavs went from never winning with LeBron, to never winning after he left.

The GOAT doesn't care about regular season records lol. That's for regular people, like LeBron.
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User Info: FBI9111

8 months ago#8
They lost in the 2nd round why is everyone acting like they were just as good? Their players were still solid and they had a winning culture but obviously they couldn't do anything real without MJ.
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User Info: Johnny_Fish

8 months ago#9
Bulls were a shady call away from advancing to the ECF.

Cavs had the league worst combined win total the 4yrs James was in Miami.

User Info: crayola555

8 months ago#10
Bulls were a sub .500 team the year after that, before Jordan decide to come back
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