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KD going after people on Twitter.

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User Info: koalabear9301

8 months ago#1
"I LOVE Final Fantasy!"
~Michael Cole

User Info: KaZooo

8 months ago#2

We need Jrue @JayDogon

Replying to @KDTrey5
Lmao I didn't just win Finals MVP tho. I'm just a twitter ------ doing my thang. You arguing with a white girl bout fart fetishes

Competing every night, both ends, shoot inside/outside, fast break, transition, Monta Ellis have it all

User Info: BignutzisBack

8 months ago#3
what a b****

User Info: Drug_Smoker

8 months ago#4
KD literally a keyboard warrior

User Info: magicaltop

8 months ago#5
Lmfao holy s*** his tweets are so bad and cringy.

KD is a true b****.

User Info: Northlane

8 months ago#6
smh at the white knight in the second link

OKC fan too
Los Angeles Lakers | Oakland Raiders |

User Info: albertbrown

8 months ago#7
Drug_Smoker posted...
KD literally a keyboard warrior

Hahahaha. I lost it when he said "billy" instead of bully on the second tweet. Auto correct at its finest.

User Info: albertbrown

8 months ago#8
All jokes aside, KD shouldn't be having a twitter at this point. I noticed in past interviews that people can't seem to understand his decision that he made for himself, and I feel like he's letting the online trolls get to him at this point. He just needs to be like his twitter bio and do him at this point. Leave all of that alone.

User Info: BudDupree48

8 months ago#9
he is a b**** who abandoned his team and didn't even let his friend know of his decision. f*** him, he's just acting the way he always does.

like a little b****

User Info: magemaximus

8 months ago#10
lol that last link
You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall. ~CodeNamePlasmaSnake~
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  3. KD going after people on Twitter.

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