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  3. I didn't think OKC would beat the Spurs, but it's really not that surprising

User Info: GS4Life

2 years ago#1
Okay it's fair to criticize Leonard and Aldridge for aspects of this series, but it's pretty ludicrous to say anyone expected the two of them to outscore KD and Westbrook. If you did you're nuts.

In order for Spurs to win their role players had to outplay the Thunder's role players and that quite frankly didn't happen. Spurs were older and lost size by trading Splitter which was a nightmare for going up against Adams and Kanter.

There was a few surprises. Ibaka struggled to find his rhythm in the regular season is shooting the 3 ball really well, Waiters who tends to scrub it up had solid contributions and at least appeared to make smarter decisions we'll see how long that last. Spurs missed an unusual amount of open jumpers but even so Billy Donovan looks like a pretty good coach after not looking so good in the regular, especially on defense.

I kinda expected the way Spurs were built with only Aldridge and Leonard being in their primes to bite them in the ass but more so against the Warriors than Thunder. But everybody else save Danny Green was simply too young or too old to make the necessary contributions to win a championship.
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User Info: keybladeXIII

2 years ago#2
I get what you're saying but I knew people would resort to this if we somehow won the series. 14 out of 17 ESPN "experts" expected the Spurs to win the series, and so did the majority of NBA fans. It was expected of the Spurs since they had a record season (even though 2014 Spurs were a better team), and throughout the whole season OKC was seen as a tier below SA and GSW. I heard that so many times this season. After game 1 everything seemed just as expected. Sure, Leonard and Aldridge are not expected to outscore KD and Russ, but the Spurs role players were also EXPECTED to outplay the no-names on the OKC bench.

I don't think OKC has, or ever will, get enough credit for actually improving and adjusting after that Game 1 loss. You can put the blame on SA for being too old or not having a contributing performance from some players, but I think the reason OKC won this series was more because of they played themselves. Like you said, a lot of our role players stepped up, our defense was locked in down the stretch (Roberson making everything tough for Kawhi), and we were able to execute, for the most part, late in games. Even the Billy Donovan = Scott Brooks 2.0 remarks were proven false once he decided to experiment lineups on the fly and ended games with Kanter and Adams, which completely destroyed the Spurs chance of out-rebounding us.

User Info: acehole_76

2 years ago#3
when healthy, the thunder own the spurs and they have for 5 years now. i said if the thunder reach the spurs healthy they would win. tbh I'm surprised it took 6 games.
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  3. I didn't think OKC would beat the Spurs, but it's really not that surprising
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