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OKC @ GSW - Series Finale

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User Info: Ray_AP_37

2 years ago#61
BewmHedshot posted...
And tell Joe to "grab dat <mysterious silence>"

GO POOH GO *outlet to Rose*
The sheep know MJ = GOAT. Bow down. CONFORM OR DIE.
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User Info: SpeeDLeemon

2 years ago#62
play some f***ing defense

User Info: SpeeDLeemon

2 years ago#63
omg they passed the ball that possession

User Info: 2superlink2

2 years ago#64
BewmHedshot posted...
GS4Life posted...
2superlink2 posted...
Draymond screams "and-1" after every damn shot

Someone's gotta do it with Boozer gone. Needs to remember hold dat on rebounds.

And tell Joe to "grab dat <mysterious silence>"

Simba, he lives in you
"Do I need to tell you what you can do with an aluminum tube...? Aluminum!"

User Info: snae99

2 years ago#65
Currently playing: Final Fantasy VI

User Info: DanHaren

2 years ago#66

Prepare your buttholes.

User Info: jwuzy

2 years ago#67
moooo bucketzzz
2015 NBA CHAMPIONS - Golden State Warriors

User Info: ShotOJameson

2 years ago#68
Kanter seems to be a problem for the Dubs...on offense atleast.

User Info: LuigiChalmers

2 years ago#69
OKC hanging in their despite GSW's threes. Keep going.

User Info: keybladeXIII

2 years ago#70
Turtlemayor333 posted...
Varejao has ruined the Warriors for me like when Squidward puts the nose on Spongebob's sculpture

Same here.
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